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October 29, 2018

September Blitz 2018 – Tommy Hood

Because we have young children, rarely do Lindsay and I get a chance to travel together. So in September, I had the privilege of traveling to Central Europe with my wife. Our first weekend in Gdansk, Poland, a beautiful city along the Baltic Sea, was filled with hungry leaders intentionally advancing the Kingdom of God in a nation with under 2% Evangelical Christians.  

We were able to fuel their passion to strategically reach their city. How refreshing it was to see God giving divine insight to a people saying “YES” to reach Northern Poland. From there we traveled to Roudnice nad Laben, Czech Republic. Here we were reacquainted with students we have trained “together” at different times over the last 4 years. Though we had a fantastic time training men and women in, “How To Grow A Life of Faith”, we were also able to discern that around 70% of the students had gone through one or multiple divorces. Through Holy Spirit’s leadership, we took time to break off shame and guilt many were carrying from failed marriages. What a joy to see people set free. After the school was over, we spent an entire afternoon mentoring and encouraging a couple Tommy had a small part of helping become a couple during a PI School in 2017. For us, encouraging the chords of their marriage and family was the highlight of our trip.

– Tommy Hood