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October 29, 2018

September Blitz 2018 – Derek Osburn

What did you do in location:

Worked with church planters and met with Partners in Bratislava, Slovakia.

How did you see God move through PI?

The impact and hunger for more schools in Slovakia.

Tell us about a moment that really impacted you.

As I trained potential church planters, I watched as their eyes and hearts began to open to new ideas and the Holy Spirit leading them.

Tell us how someone you were in contact with is changing their city:

Johnathan and Peter in the community of Revúca Slovakia. They moved there to plant a church and enlisted several more to help. They are getting jobs and buying homes in the community to be able to connect and plant. Amazing two men, educated as pastors and seeking best practices for planting for success.

Tell us something fun and exciting about the trip.

The hotel I was staying at had a Hungarian wedding one day….It started at 3 PM and went till 6 AM the next morning…It was a huge, crazy, loud party!

What are the prayer needs of the region you visited?

Awakening, renewal, and a desire to hear the Holy Spirit.