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March 1, 2024

Ripples in a Pond

When I was a boy, my grandfather in Rosebud, Arkansas had a small farm with 200 head of cattle. So many great memories were made there. As we’d spend weeks each summer and every Christmas, but my favorite place was the pond. About a quarter mile from the house was a beautiful pond surrounded by trees that looked ancient to a ten year old boy. We fished, swam, skipped rock. It was a summer wonderland. But my favorite memories were throwing small pebbles breaking the pristine surface and watching the ripples go out far beyond my imagination. It was fascinating, the ripples effect of the pebble in the pond.


In 2024, our small team has been to 16 nations. We have spoken, taught, trained, and prayed strategically over 200 times! As I write this short update, I’m sitting on a flight with Callie and Angelique traveling from Cambodia to Singapore. We will then go on to the United Kingdom. What a life, what an honor, what a joy to share the message of a risen Christ who is ushering into our world a Kingdom which is the total answer to Mankind’s total need.

In Cambodia as we taught and served in many realms, the reports have come back.

      • These truths you’ve shared are absolutely transformational…” from a retreat with 48 leadership families from around the nation.
      • It’s as if we’ve just been given six books of wisdom on marriage, children, and our ministry lives…” from eight young couples planting churches, pastoring churches and trying to raise young families.
      • As waiting to preach, Paul began to share how PI had deeply impacted his life, their church, and then went on to say that PI’s training called PrayGround had changed the way we see children!” From our Slovenian friend Steve sitting in service in Budapest which our friend Paul pastors.
      • Beth White reports great blessing on the PrayGround training in Korce, Albania. Both children and adults woke up to power of children in God’s Kingdom now!

Thank the Lord that the ripples are going far and wide. I believe these tiny anecdotes are just the tip of the iceberg. Just like when I was ten, I’m amazed at how far the ripples can carry through the grace of the Lord Jesus!


The power of the ripple effect is that single small spot in the center where the rock lands. What’s the center of this power? What creates these waves of influence and change?  It’s the power and depth and health of our inner lives with Jesus. I’ve never been so aware that it all begins and breaks out from an inner life that’s rich, healthy, and fully alive in Him. But the second ripple, our marriages and families, is the second wave of power. Then comes the unity and love of our PI team! If these three secret, hidden places aren’t regularly struck by the Rock from heaven, the Lord Jesus Himself, the ripple, the waves cease!


Thank you for loving and partnering with us so well. We only go because you stand with us, beside us, behind us, and send us. Pray diligently for us, your friends at PI that each of our inner lives be full and healthy. Pray that our marriages and families be rich and peace filled. Please pray that this small team love one another. That we will walk as one man into the nations of the earth. And pray that the ripples will continue for the honor and glory of His Name.