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July 3, 2018

Belgium and Romania

Belgium: What a wonderful experience getting to know Ministry Partners Conely and Madaline Annandale’s hearts for Belgium as well as their dedication to Christ! Their great relationships with the people created an eagerness and hunger for the PI training on Faith. While in the region I had the opportunity to preach in a church for another couple in Belgium.

Romania: Partner John Ceuta and I traveled together all week while I trained on Leadership in the cities of Constanta, Braila, and Bucharest. There is an eagerness in the students to grow in leadership and learn how to train those around them to become leaders. While not teaching, I was able to spend quality time with a few young men and encourage them as they navigate the increasing influence they are beginning to have within the church. It is an honor to help PI build these strategic relationships and aid them in their journey of influencing the Kingdom within their region.

As we look forward to adding schools and expanding the ministry to other countries, I feel a sense of security from God that as we pray through and reach out in relationships God will grant us access to even more opportunities with people across the world. WOW, what a privilege to move with God in this way. We could not do all of what God has for us without you, our partners standing with us. Thank you for everything you do.