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IF We Enter Into Their World, They Will Readily Enter Into Ours

Kids all over the world, in every situation of life, have a longing to PLAY!  In an earlier blog that is posted in the navigation of  Perspectives, I wrote on the the Language of Play.  It is true, I have seen it.  Every four years PI designs a Family Camp where we invite leaders from the 20 different nations in which we partner to join us for a week of encouragement, refreshing, relationship building and corporate worship of God.  They bring their children. Obviously, the children are speaking different languages and it sounds like waves of indistinguishable sounds, but they all speak the language of play.  They soon cross all barriers of nationality, skin color, language, size, background; it all disappears as they play!  

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Same Song (Empty Arms), Second Verse (His Kindness Leads to Repentance)

DISCLAIMER:  This is ‘my’ testimony about the loss of ‘our’ baby and what God said to ‘me’.  I believe that God uses what happened to me as a clear picture of the importance of forgiveness and a clear conscious.  Please don’t read your or your friends situations into my events, just open your hearts to see Jesus amidst tragedy.  🙂

After the doctor performed a cleaning procedure on me, he entered my room and tried to explain what had happened to our baby.  Probably due to frustration at my blank expression to all his medical jargon, he stated, “It is as if something ate your baby.  The amniotic fluid is there, the placenta is there, but no baby.” (statement referred to in previous blog, “Empty Arms . . . “)  Although his words may seem harsh to you, I hid them in my heart and God used them for healing later.

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From Empty Arms to Making God Smile

Soon after Randy and I were married, I became pregnant.  Due to some wrong responses from us to some events at the church that we were on staff at the time, my baby died in the womb.  I began to miscarry.  The Drs. decided to do a DNC procedure to clean my womb.  After the procedure, the Dr. told me that the amniotic fluid and placenta was there, but no baby.  He said, “It’s like something ate your baby.”  (I’ll explain this comment in the next blog).  And he sent me home to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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The Language of Play

I love kids!!!  They are my tutors of how to live life in the Kingdom of God.  In Matthew 18:4, Jesus says, “Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will rank high in God’s Kingdom.”  Kids keep my perspective right.  Being with kids, I caught on quick that all kids speak the same language – play.  Play is not only a shared activity but it is a literal way of communicating.  

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Missions – Prepare International

Life is definitely not boring, but can be a blur.  We want to take time to connect with Him every morning so that we can consciously see Him in every moment.  In our lifestyle, we often feel we have lived a whole year in just 2 short weeks.  It seems like yesterday and at the same time a lifetime, that we took the helm of PI.

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