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June 1, 2020


Eat the Whole Lamb

This year, Randy and I celebrated Passover . . . alone!  While reading in Exodus, it hit us, God said, “. . . eat the WHOLE lamb”, the organs, the entrails. Many enjoy these inner parts, but for me, not so much!  However, the concentration of life-giving nutrients hides in these unpleasant textures.

Previously, I’d been relentlessly conversing about suffering, authority, prayer, and life events. To clarify, I consistently ask questions from faith, not in doubt. I don’t question His heart, His character, but I want to understand Him by having faith in Him. I want my heart to function in unison with His. My questions clear my heart to hear Him, to understand His past understanding and ways that can’t really be understood with my mind but which are received by faith in my heart. I still have questions and I will continue to ask from faith.

His instructions to eat the whole lamb portray how experiences of following Jesus are often uncomfortable. Uncomfortableness when we eat it, strengthens our faith, our trust. God IS God. He is the standard of goodness, he is not relegated to what we define as good or bad. He IS GOOD. It is WHO He is!  

I THINK what I’m seeing as unpleasant events are being used by God to answer our prayers to bring the Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven, is producing conflict because the world’s culture doesn’t understand the Kingdom.  Some unpleasant events are the enemy.  Scripture says, “Only don’t rebel against the Lord, neither fear the enemy; for they are bread for us . . . (Numbers 14:9).  We must discern if the seemingly unpleasantness is the conflict of my reasoning versus faith or if the conflict is the enemy trying to push me to rebel against God. 

Behold the Lamb

As I rightly discern whether to receive or fight, I become nourished and strengthened.  But reality is, both can be challenging.  How am I to discern?  How am I to eat both the heart of the Lamb and take the enemy as my bread?  Just as Scripture exhorts us to ‘eat the Lamb’, Scripture also beckons us to BEHOLD THE LAMB, the Lamb that was slain before the foundations of the earth, the Lamb who NOW AND FOREVER SITS ON THE THRONE!  How beautiful is He!  He is my discernment.  May we be living sacrifices, loving not our life, even unto death, that the Lamb may receive the reward of His suffering!!!  BEHOLD THE LAMB!