Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

March 1, 2020

The Circle

Listen to Ramon’s Wisdom

Our own lives and especially those under our ministry are so limited in growth because of the very small circle of truth we know and preach.  I believe a man or a woman or a church will never grow beyond the size of the circle of truth taught and applied.  We have been bound in such a small circle and preach around and around that little circle. We have been caught in the trap of limited understanding and so have all under our ministries.  As we sit and hear the courses you are teaching us, our circles of belief and understanding are exploding and as we preach these truths to our people, their understanding and lives are growing.  You are blowing up our little circles of what we see and believe and in response we are growing – changing.  Our entire nation needs this; deserves this!”

Our dream at P.I. is simple. . . .to forcefully advance His Kingdom through multiplying leaders who disciple the nations!  Catchy?  This little phrase is not some marketing jargon or fancy P.I. slogan.  It really is our mission.  It’s Jesus’ call for the sake of His Name!

The Circle

In January, Jantzen Louder and I trained in a very powerful school in San Marcos de Colon, Honduras with Mission Lazarus.  We served 13 full-time pastor/preachers and a host of young emerging leaders who are aflame for Jesus (45-50 in total).  One 14-year-old boy sat in the front row soaking in every word. Later we found out that he’s an orphan who has been living in their children’s refuge for many years. 

His one desire is to serve Jesus in the mountains of Honduras. The last day, we ate with Ramon, one of the pastor/preachers. With only two P.I. courses under his belt, Ramon was zealously asking about opening another school across the nation with 40 other churches and leaders. When I questioned Ramon on why we should go to other current and emerging leaders, my eyes were opened to the Kingdom advancing tsunami we are a part of.

I could in no way describe what our partnership, you, our partners sending us, and we who have been called to go are accomplishing around the world. But in the words of Ramon, let’s band together to “blow up” the the circles of truth around the world so that the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ!