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July 11, 2022

Family Time

PI is a Family

PI is built on the principle of family. We have 12 primetime staff, but we are really not staff; we are family! Around the world, we have over 100 top-level co-workers and partners, but really they are just family. Our spiritual father, Jack Taylor, told us repeatedly, “If the Kingdom of God is anything, it’s a family. If that weren’t true, he would never have taught us to pray, ‘Our Father.’”


We hold an international gathering of men, women, and children every four years, fondly known as PI Family Camp. In the past, the Pitztal Valley of Austria has been our sweet spot for gathering, but due to visa restrictions worldwide, we were forced to schedule three camps this year. One here in the USA, one in Austria, and another next January on the coast of Kenya.

Camp is the gathering of our team, wonderful U.S. friends, and families from the regions of the world that we walk with and serve beside. Between the three camps in 2022–2023, we will host ~110 families from five continents and 25 nations! Nearly 300 people represent Jesus, His Kingdom, and the advancement of His name in their land—this is Family Camp!

It’s hard to describe what happens. We spend 100s of hours together with countless meals, hikes, and games, plus deep and meaningful spiritual talks and practical workshops coupled with numerous moves and touches of the Holy Spirit.  It’s a Jesus stew of the nations and activities which breathe life, encouragement, and a fresh new commitment to serving the world for His name’s sake.

We just concluded the U.S. camp with 16 leadership families from Asia and Latin America. It was historic, monumental, powerful, and relational. It looked like the Kingdom of God. We laughed together, wept, prayed, sang, learned, and played like crazy. Above all, we loved and became family. Perhaps the crowning moment was our morning of prayer and prophetic encouragement over each nation and family member from that nation.

The Kingdom

Nine-year-old Daniel, a village boy from Honduras, laid his little hand on Samnang, the leader of the National Church Planting Center of Cambodia. Daniel prayed in passionate Spanish while gazing into the heavens for his Cambodian friend. This IS the Kingdom of God—a little boy full of faith giving to a national leader from across the globe. It was epic, special, and beautiful. It was Jesus! May we bring forth the fresh air of heaven and be family at each Family Camp this year!