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September 28, 2018

Fresh Fire in Latin America

I can’t remember the last time one of my teaching trips wasn’t amazing.  This trip to Costa Rica and Peru was no exception.  We launched our second school in Peru in the coastal city of Huacho.  It’s hard to describe the excitement of teaching a room full of students who are hungry for the training we provide!  It’s almost as if they are pulling it from me even before I have a chance to speak it out loud. Pastor Esteban shared that this training is what they’ve been desperately needing.  Thank you, Esteban, for your hard work preparing for the school.  It was a great launch!  – Drew Brown

Meet Pastors Arturo and Sandra Villegas (pictured on the left at the back).  They pastor a church near Nicoya, Costa Rica.  For the last few months, they’ve been asking the Lord to give them some help and direction about how to lead their church.  Then a visiting speaker prophesied that they would be connected with an international source that would bring help.  A short time later one of the leaders in our Liberia PI school visited their church and talked to them about PI.  Now they travel 2 hours each way to attend the school, and told Drew it is already transforming their church!  Drew had the privilege to preach in their church and enjoy lunch afterward.  Thank you, Lord, for orchestrating divine appointments and allowing us to be vessels of the Kingdom to the nations.