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December 12, 2017

Get Out of the Way

GET OUT OF THE WAY.  When our 3 kids were younger we took a trip to Waco to attend World Mandate, an intensely radical missions conference.  Josiah was 15, Bethany – 12 and Hannah – 9.  At the end of his talk, one speaker called for those that would volunteer to go to the hard places to stand.  With quick glances, as mothers do, I watched my kids.  They were sitting scattered throughout our group.  I saw Josiah stand firm without hesitation!  I captured sight of of Bethany boldly standing.  Then little Hannah climbed up into her chair so she too could be counted among the ones that would go.

immediately was patting myself on the back thinking, “I am such a good Kingdom mom.  Randy and I have raised our kids to hunger for God and love people all over the world.  Good job, Callie.”  As I finished complementing myself, I felt God tell me to stand.  I thought, “No way, that can’t be God.  Randy and I are already going to Europe (During that time Europe was the only continent in our line of vision).  Then His voice rang clear in my heart, “Stand up! to commit to Me that you will get out of their way!  Their future – where they go and what they do – with Me cannot be hindered by you pulling on their heart strings.  You should not make following Me emotionally hard on them.”  My heart was pierced and I stood quickly with my eyes flowing with tears.  It was then a truth of God was driven into the depths of my heart; our kids are not our own, they are the Lord’s.  We are to steward them well for Him, holding them loosely but securely.  A paradox of the Kingdom a parent can only live by faith.  Speaking into their lives with honesty and hopefully wisdom, I learned to go WITH them through the pain, the hard places but not FOR them.  I learned to be a true disciple of the Lord by discipling my children for Him.  I am not their fortress, God is.  All their lives we pushed them to cultivate their own relationships with God.  Now in their young adult years I find myself fighting harder and more persistent than ever in prayer.  I declare the promises and prophetic words of God over their lives daily.  When I get to Heaven, the greatest gift I can offer Jesus is that Randy and I stewarded our kids well for Him!  They are our 1st disciples.  I am beyond grateful that these crazy people are seriously in love with Jesus.

Originally posted October 9th, 2016