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March 1, 2021

Getting into Position

Propper Positions

Years ago, I coached football at the High School level. One of the most important things we did was to get them into the proper positions. Often, we made critical errors in evaluating a young man by placing him in the wrong position. To be in the wrong position is to invite disaster or best case scenario, just a lack of productivity. Our Father and Heavenly Coach has been diligently moving us into the proper position for future fruitfulness in the midst of this global shutdown.  

To be honest, I have often felt a bit useless to heaven. I long to be face to face with those we love, mentor, and equip around the world, but cannot. Most locations around the world, travel in and out is either restricted or very complicated. The Father knew, He planned. The Father is at work to bring His Kingdom reality into this world with greater effectiveness and power. We are a small part of His plan as He is re-positioning us for at least a ten-year burst of Jesus manifesting fruit.

PI Repositioning

We have moved out of our long-time office with our good Friends at Betenbough Homes and have begun to build our first permanent site for PI (Concrete will be poured this week). Our media production studio is almost finished. We should move into it in two weeks. We are rapidly moving forward with our on-demand  training. This disciple making platform is for hungry leaders and disciples from all around the globe so they can access training on demand! On top of all this, our minds are being opened to the Coach’s voice in new and life-giving ways. His sheep hear His voice, and they follow Him! To hear Him and move with Him is ‘prime real estate’ in the days we live in.

Heavenly Position

As we are repositioned by heaven, the Gospel of this Kingdom is rapidly advancing through our spiritual family around the world. This Sunday, the church in a major Hindu nation was allowed to meet for the first time in a great while. Immediately new people came to Jesus! Our training programs in Kenya and Honduras are bearing amazing fruit and the hunger for Him and His word is becoming a contagion! I could tell you story after story. Know this, although our travel may be hindered, His Kingdom is not! Thank you for your prayers and faithful giving. You are our friends, our partners, and our co-workers for this world move of Jesus! The Best IS yet to come!