Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

We Know Training

For over 13 years, PI has helped international leaders establish and run Bible-based spiritual training schools focusing upon the revelation of the Kingdom of God in their respective nations. When Randy first began to travel into the former eastern block of Europe, he asked many national leaders what their greatest need was. The answer was near unanimous — MAN POWER!

As a result, the team at PI has concentrated its efforts to help provide high-quality training for Christian discipleship and leadership. We have developed 30 plus courses that have been translated into many languages. We sponsor schools of discipleship, church planting, ministry, and leadership.

The PI schools have been established with the Christian worker around the world in mind. Most emerging leaders and shepherds cannot go to a full-time Bible school because of time and cost. Therefore, we have endeavored to bring a school directly to them.

Each school is built just a little differently, but the underlying principles are

Schools meet for 1-2 days (usually on a weekend) with 8-12 hours of teaching, discussion, and many other learning activities. Each of these seminars is an entire course.

Most schools meet five times per year; three times in the winter/spring season and two times in the fall season.

Each student receives a manual for every course translated into their language, plus follow up reading articles and practical homework assignments.

During the in-between periods (approximately six weeks), students often meet in small groups to discuss and apply the teaching to their lives.

The teaching team is made up of our full-time PI staff, pastors, and key leaders from America and Europe, as well as leaders from the nation within which the school is held.

Each course involves teaching, doing guided Bible studies, participating in group discussions, and activations.

When PI enters a nation, we spend the time necessary to build relationships and trust.

We are NOT there to promote the ministry of PI, but rather the ministry of the local church network or movement. The national leaders of the schools help determine the structure of the school, the actual courses to be used, and often who teaches in the schools. Our goal is the success of our partners.


PI has established or led over 40 training schools worldwide and this number is growing. We’ve trained several thousand students. Our team travels many weeks per year to minister in these schools around the world with the help of men and women from Europe, the United States, Africa, Central America, and South America.