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Ukraine Relief

We help raise support for our Ukrainian and Polish partners to help the Kingdom advance in the lives of those affected by the war. Make the light shine in the midst of war.


Support pastors and leaders


Provide food and shelter


Help those escape who still can

Standing with the Ukrainian people

Our hearts are pulled and provoked to action by this unprovoked war. We are eager to help, but we often don’t know how to make sure our funds are invested wisely and go directly to those who are most affected.

Prepare International

Bringing hope to a hopeless situation

Support pastors and leaders

You directly support our dear friends in Ukraine who are true heroes as they continue to care for people in every way possible.


Provide food and shelter

Our partners help provide food and other necessities that support those that have crossed the border begin to recover from this horrendous war.

Help those escape who still can

Help our Ukrainian partners assist families in making their way to one of the borders and our Polish partners as they find a place for the refugees to stay.


Prepare International has served in Central and Eastern Europe for over 20 years

Your donations are directly distributed among our friends who have sacrificed their lives to help the Kingdom move in Central and Eastern Europe. God has placed them strategically for a time like this, and we can be a part of His move amid war.

What your donation can do in Ukraine

We continue to send both financial resources and aid into Ukraine in a number of ways. Join us in resourcing our pastors and friends as they provide food, transportation, and shelter on the ground.



Provides for 1 bed for 1 night, including meals and services needed.



Provides for 1 bed for 1 month, including meals and services needed.

6 months


Provides for 1 bed for 6 months, including meals and services needed.

How it works


Click donate button

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Choose the amount

Choose the amount you want to donate and provide the details to process the donation.


Help hope spread

All donations are directly sent to our partners in Ukraine and Poland to help bring hope.

His Kingdom come in Ukraine

Pastors and our partners in Ukraine serve people by providing food and assisting families in making their way to one of the borders. These heroes and families are standing as leaders in their communities during this time, and we are doing our best to make sure they have funds to serve people.

Our second side of relief is providing support for those crossing the border. We have partnered with KDM Kraków, Josiah Boyd’s home church, and are connected with several Polish churches on the border and elsewhere to help transition people into Poland and other countries.

Please pray that supply routes can run freely into Ukraine as this has been a real challenge to get the vast amount of aid waiting to go across the border from Europe.

Prepare International