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May 1, 2023

His Kingdom


Prepare International exists to advance the Kingdom of God by multiplying leaders who disciple the nations. When we began 20 years ago, we had no idea that today Jesus would deploy us to 25 nations over five continents. He has been so good. His ability to use ordinary people astounds us. When He entrusted us with this work, saying to us, “Prepare men for Me,” we stepped out in faith.

Over the years we have:

  • Held over 70 training schools touching thousands of national leaders.
  • Seen hundreds of living, life-giving congregations planted.
  • Watched 1000s of young men and women emerge as mature sons and daughters of God serving Him powerfully and passionately in their land.

The Recruits

I just returned from three weeks across Europe. We served in our projects there, connected with co-workers, and ended in southeast Belgium with The Recruits. Eight years ago, a few young men who had graduated from a PI school opened a young man’s discipleship group called The Recruits. Today, there are over 100 groups of young men and women, with hundreds being discipled into a deeper reality of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom’s reign. It’s amazing, it’s viral, it’s alive, and it’s multiplying across Belgium into other nations.

I was the primary speaker for the weekend with 120 young firebrands for Jesus. As I shared for hours on the power of Christ’s grace, Jesus touched us, filled us, and renewed our first love. It was miraculous (literally) in many ways. I left with such hope for this nation that has been covered in brokenness, despair, and fragility. A new generation is rising!

Kingdom Initiative

Pray for us. Jesus has given us a long-term strategy of moving slowly out of leading our own training initiatives worldwide into training a massive host of indigenous, frontline trainers who will multiply the work across their nations. We are targeting 20–30 new training groups in Belgium and another ten in Costa Rica. Imagine for a moment. Instead of one or two schools in these nations, 40 groups of five to ten being inflamed for Jesus and His Kingdom by frontline trainers from the nations. This is a big jump for us! We will need many miracles, but the possibilities of Jesus’s Kingdom life going viral are so great.

Thank you for partnering so faithfully with us this season. Your passionate prayers and faithful financial giving enable us to carry this good news of a greater Kingdom to the four corners of the globe. We could not do this without you. Together we make an excellent team for the Son of Man on the earth today.