Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

November 1, 2019


Imagine with me . . . 

  • The Czech Republic with over 6,000 cities, towns, and villages with no church or gospel witness exploding with new, living churches multiplying the effects of the Kingdom of God in their land.
  • Disciple making movements spreading across Belgium with 100s of young and old gathering in small groups proclaiming that Jesus rules!
  • A whole new wave of Christ-loving, faith-filled Kingdom workers in the mountainous regions of Honduras carrying the good news that another King has come, multiplying the works of Jesus.
  • An entire nation in East Asia embracing the gospel while disciples of Jesus multiply living in the power of Christ!
  • A new breed of African leaders arising who cling to righteousness, move in compassion, and serve their people releasing the multiplying effect of the Kingdom of God.

This is the future I see – we see at Prepare International.  These are the dreams we are working toward becoming practical realities in the everyday lives of the followers of Jesus in the nations of the earth.Multiplication . . . 

The recurring word in each of these descriptions is multiply.  We endeavor to effect change in such a way that releases the power of multiplication where things become viral, alive, and even out of human control because the Kingdom has come and Jesus Himself has taken over!

To be honest, I’m a bit nervous and concerned.  We are pulling out all stops to create new tools, processes, and workers to release greater multiplication. We are expending a tremendous amount of human, technological, and financial resources over the next few years to equip the indigenous workers’ hearts and hands so that they can Take off and Run! 

  • Video Based Training – We are filming our top twelve training courses complete with subtitles or overdubbing, in excellent studios with high level videographers around the world.  In the midst of it, we are training trainers and putting in their hands technology resources to multiply the message in many nations.
  • Writing – Our team is in the process of writing and publishing about 15 new books that will bring the core message of the Kingdom of God in practical daily life to be distributed in many languages around the world.
  • Online Equipping – We are taking our video courses and written materials to create online training portals in many languages to multiply access to this life transforming message.

The list goes on. Every area is far outside our expertise and realms of knowledge, but to create a culture that releases multiplication, we have to walk off our known map into uncharted territories.  This makes me nervous.  I wish I simply trusted more! What if we do all this work and don’t implement it effectively?  What if we spend all of this money and it doesn’t bear fruit unto Jesus?  What if. . . What if . . . What if, together, you and I, walk off our maps of comfortableness, taking risks, dreaming dreams, daring great things and Jesus comes, Jesus wins, and the Spirit of multiplication arises?  Just imagine!