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June 28, 2024

We All Matter


I’m staggered as reports are filtering in from around the globe; what we do matters. It matters to people, it matters to families, it matters to churches, it matters to movements, and deep in my heart, I’m convinced it matters to Jesus, our Lord. Jesus has worked in us in such a way that our lives matter. Listen to a few stories from the world that have trickled in within the last few weeks:

East Asia:

Recently, our closest friend and co-worker in East Asia visited Callie, myself, and the Lubbock team to share all God has been up to through our partnership. He was overwhelmed as his group had made a report for us covering the last few years. We have trained 592 pastors and leaders, touching six of the seven provinces and about half of the counties in the nation. 138 churches nationwide have been deeply influenced. Then our friend began to share story after story from his land: “One of our key pastors in the nation stated to me, ‘Where has this message, the Kingdom of God in our world today, been my whole life and ministry? It’s like a whole new world has opened to me! I have only seen heaven and the Church; now I see His Kingdom and the greater potential of Jesus changing our world at a deeper, more fundamental level.’” My friend said that this man is currently traveling to another nation preaching the transforming message of the Kingdom of God from city to city!

My Friend:

This friend went on to say to me that his role has to change, and he has to grow. “From you, I’ve realized I have to grow and take on a new role in my land. I have to become a father to these young men who we are training and sending out to train others. I need new tools on my serving toolbelt. Our nation doesn’t just need training; it needs fathers and mothers who will raise up mature sons and daughters!”

Our Team:

Our team is fantastic. We’ve all grown so much and are no longer the same people who joined together years ago. Tommy, Derek, and Drew have gone on to lead their own organizations, while Duncan and Cathie from England, Daniel from El Salvador, and now Volkert from the Netherlands have all recently joined the team, the family. May Jesus do such a deep work in us that we more deeply matter. May we matter to His name on the earth today! 


I couldn’t end this short report without reminding you that you matter. You matter in the place He has placed you and those He has surrounded you with, but you also matter to us and this big Jesus dream for His world. Every time you give, pray, perhaps even think of us and all that we are engaged in within His big world, your life connects to ours and those in the world’s remote places, bringing forth glory to His name. You matter to us, and from our hearts, we offer a big thank you for your faithful and loyal support.