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December 12, 2017

It’s a Diamond: Gathering Stones

Gathering a Diamond

There are so many other stones that I have collected for the Alter of Remembrance. A friend told me that she saw the makings of a book in the gathering of my stones. So I will, I will write a book on transitioning and the gathering of stones, after my two books on children/families are published.  But as of right now I’m gathering a diamond, the final stone I will write about before I stand on the altar.

God impressed in my heart that PI Family Camp, these next two weeks, will be my altar. I will be on the mountain top like Abraham and Isaac. I am excited to see what God will do in and through me during this time.  I believe my trust in Him will be challenged. Stay tuned, I will let you know how the process of standing on the altar of remembrance and offering myself afresh as a living sacrifice goes!

But for now let’s talk about the DIAMOND! This is a rock of remembrance for my marriage, my husband and how God loves me through Randy. It is an incredible blessing to me.

Rock of Remembrance

When Randy and I got married we could only afford a very small diamond, but I cherished that diamond. Our relationship had been birthed in intensity, just like a diamond. Randy and my marriage is unusual we know, because we are two very unique, intense people coming together as one in marriage. We have purposed to be transparent and honest with others, just like a diamond. We have been through pressures of various kinds and degrees, but they have only served to make our marriage shine brighter because we have nestled our love in God. So somehow God has taken two very strong opinionated, opposites and forged us into a diamond, so i treasured that little diamond. It really was a rock of remembrance to me!

Lost Diamond

I have lost it twice!!!  Once in a thick shag carpet. Randy felt prompted by God to vacuum and see if he could find it! He did! He sifted through all the dirt and found that tiny little diamond. Just like in our marriage at times, it may have seemed lost or dirty, but it came out shining! Then just this last week, we had a party at our house.  I had cleaned, cooked, played all day. After everyone but one young friend had gone, I laid down on the couch and folded my hands. My ring cut my hand with the prongs that were ‘supposed’ to hold my little diamond, but it was gone.

We looked in the couch where I was laying, but after that we didn’t even know where to start to look. As I was readying for bed, a thought came into my heart, “Check your pockets. I never put my hands in my pockets. I just don’t.  But I did, and ta-da, it was there! That tiny little diamond was tucked safely away in my pocket. Just like Randy and me, our marriage has been tucked away in the heart of God for safe keeping through the wear and tear of life.

A Simple Wish

But Randy had decided already that he wanted to buy me a new ring, with a bigger diamond. I said it was fine to have this stone put back, but he really really wanted to bless me. I had never told Randy but years ago, i had a whispered a fleeting prayer of, “It’d be nice to get a white gold (silver) setting, this gold nugget is a bit out of date. And I’d like just a simple timeless setting. But I love my diamond and that’s a waste of money.” And here it was on the eve of leaving for Family Camp, my Altar, and Randy is getting me a new ring. Only God had heard my simple wish, and He was bringing it about through my Godly husband. What a picture for me.

Land of Promise

You see, I am transitioning into a land of Promise, in which I know I will come against Giants and have to war for the promises that God has given me, but God is giving me stones of remembrance. But THIS STONE, this diamond, shines bright!  It represents the love of my husband for me through 33 years of marriage. It represents the love of God for me and that He sees me, He hears my quietest thoughts.
The diamond represents that God and my husband love me extravagantly. It reminds me that it is a new season and it is bright, and shiny. It reminds me to be transparent and let God cut me into the right shape to capture and reflect His light in the way He wants. When I face those giants, I can look on my finger and remember. I am loved, I am in covenant with Randy and with God!

But what about that tiny little diamond that represents so much, that stood the test of time  and came out shining? I still have it!!!  My new ring  was bought from a jeweler who loves Jesus. He graciously took the old diamond and for no cost put it in a drop that I can wear around my neck. I have the best of both! Both are true rocks of remembrance. Both are about my past, my present and my future.

What a beautiful rock of remembrance.  I am humbled.

Do you know you are loved extravagantly by God?  Do you have special reminders of this love?

Originally posted July 8th, 2017