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May 1, 2024

Keeping It In the Family

Keeping It In the “Family”

FAMILY – what a joy to serve Jesus with your family! All our children and their spouses serve with us in the nations. Josiah and Brandi lead our European work from Poland, Hannah is our office coordinator with Nathan supporting in many ways, and Boone and Bethany lead the Rio Grande Valley School and train yearly in Latin America for PI. Callie and I are so proud; we’ve kept it in the family!

But we have a wildcard, my Dad, Harvey Boyd. Dad has the gift of healing and travels the world on our behalf with a simple message, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus Christ heals!” Not long ago, he told us of an older woman with only one lung that he prayed with. She had contracted a disease in that lung and was critical. At the end of the week, she called Dad back and said, “Harvey, I feel like a little girl. Haven’t felt this good in years!” Dad encouraged her to have the doctor check her out, and as the doctor processed the lung X-ray, he exclaimed, “What happened, there is NO sign of any disease any longer. Your lung looks brand new…..wait a minute…”  He moved the X-ray machine to the side where no lung existed and took another shot. “Who put a new lung in your body? How in the world could this be? You have two brand new lungs!”

At 85 years old, Dad travels the world for PI with the simple message of a now present Jesus who heals today. I stand baffled at the power of Jesus our Lord to take an absolutely rational businessman and rewire him from the inside out to be the healing gift that Dad is. Amazing…only Jesus! Dad and Mom served the Lord but were in a church that had no sign of Jesus’ supernatural power and at times might even warn people to stay away. Dad was a leader, a great businessman but was wired so down-to-earth and rational. To see him today, it’s still hard to believe! We are just a great big family on His grand Kingdom mission.

PI has a wonderful school in Krakow, Poland led by Brandi and Josiah, and as I am writing these ramblings, I recall that three months ago, Josiah was the trainer on site bringing Jesus’ words. In March, I was there teaching on the life of prayer and study, and last month, April, Dad shared the healing words of Jesus. Family…it really is about family. God bless you richly, for you’re a big part of this worldwide family called PI!