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August 30, 2018

Kingdom of God Seminar in Lubbock!

The New Testament tells us that Jesus went about preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  However, what nobody taught us is that the gospel of the Kingdom isn’t just about salvation! It’s not just about going to heaven!  It’s about the rule and reign of Jesus replacing, correcting, and healing everything the devil did to mess everything up!

Randy and Callie Boyd will start the first night of the seminar by looking at scripture to understand what and when is the Kingdom. They’ll then move into what is the Gospel and how does the Holy Spirit empower us to bring the Kingdom. The third night, we’ll look at how the Old Testament, directly and indirectly speaks about the Kingdom so we can gain insight into how to operate with Heaven. Every kingdom has its own rules and laws. God’s Kingdom is no different. We’ll discover the laws of economics, physics and more that operate in the Kingdom of God. One night we’ll take a look at the Father & Son paradigm and how this creates a new culture. And the final night Randy and Callie will teach how to advance the Kingdom forcefully and how that relates to the world.

What if the REAL gospel message is that Jesus ushered in a new reality?  A reality so powerful, so good, so beautiful that it has the potential to alter every part of creation? This Kingdom truth supersedes physics and every other law of our physical reality.  The Kingdom reality has the potential to heal the land; heal devastated hearts; heal diseases!