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December 1, 2022

Loving God’s Surprises

Recently, the adventure of living in God’s surprises has multiplied in our lives. Life consists of  adventure, challenges, laughter, tears, and grace all wrapped in surprises.

A couple of weeks ago, PI partnered with Betenbough Homes in a historical prayer trip to Washington DC. Honestly, I was not looking forward to delving into a divisive political atmosphere filled with grumpy people. Surprisingly, we were met with beyond West Texas friendliness, a wonderfully diverse culture and a plethora of believers thanking us for coming to pray over our nation. People gathered in prayer everywhere. What’s more shocking is we rarely saw a cell phone out. People were present, conversing over meals, coffee, walking together – with no phones interrupting them. Crazy right?!

After DC, I flew to San Antonio to speak at a Women’ Retreat. The hungry hearts for Christ contained more beauty than even the serene nature surrounding us. Seeing women daring not to compare but love and encourage each other is one of my greatest joys. At one point, I was caught up praying over for the Holy Spirit to come upon a new friend. In a cloudburst of love He came upon her, exposed and delivered her from lies and past tormenting events. Surprise!

He’s been saturating me with cleansing love as well, exposing little and big lies and past events that have tried to act as a dam holding back the full force of His rivers flowing though me to others. 

I would venture that many of us are experiencing the same. We cannot entertain or nurse lies, sin, or our past experiences. We are in a new era. A whole new depth of God is available to be experienced if we are willing to embrace Him and His surprises; shedding the former shell that has become our security. At PI, we are in awe of how God’s moving, exposing, and relationship weaving that all the world can see and experience Him through us, His family. It His goodness that brings light and truth to even the littlest of lies. This is a new era and we get to be a part of this moment in history to impact the future. So let’s confront the lies and cling to Him, THE Truth, because life with God is full of beautiful surprises. I love His surprises. I love being His. I love Him.