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December 12, 2017

Missions – Prepare International

Life is definitely not boring, but can be a blur.  We want to take time to connect with Him every morning so that we can consciously see Him in every moment.  In our lifestyle, we often feel we have lived a whole year in just 2 short weeks.  It seems like yesterday and at the same time a lifetime, that we took the helm of PI.

The development of PI began when Randy, while hearing a young pastor friend with tears in his eyes express the need of his nation for the Kingdom, volunteered us.  The young pastor had looked into Randy’s eyes and asked, “What are you going to do about it?”  At that point, Randy told the Lord that we are just us, a simple family, but if He could use us, he volunteered us! You see, we never were ‘called’.  We always just did what our hands found to do, from cleaning the church, volunteering in the nursery, street evangelism, leading FCA, whatever God put in our path.  Volunteering was a lifestyle. That particular act of volunteering set us on a path that collided with the formation of PI. PI is a vehicle that God and we dreamed together, to train people for Him in all areas of society, adaptable to different needs and people groups to impact the world for His Kingdom.

We begin by making relationships with local leaders.  Then, once mutual trust is established, together with these leaders we architect schools that will bring the Kingdom to their nation.  We are true partners in the endeavor. The goal is that eventually the schools will be totally theirs and we come in at invitation.  Through the relationships forged, we often are asked to be a mentoring voice which is a great pleasure and honor for us. This July will be 15 years leading PI.  It is a journey of excitement coupled with amazement at the Grace of God, as we get to participate in the Kingdom advancing in people’s hearts and on the earth.  We have witnessed whole people groups begin to shift as different ones rise to their position.  They are changing their nations proclaiming the King and His Kingdom.  We are grateful, God is using us as one of their stepping stones.  A few short years ago we were in about 10 nations, presently God has made a way for us to influence 20 nations all over the world.  Crazy!  We are simple people who serve an Extra-ordinary God!  He is amazing.

Originally posted on October 5, 2016