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December 12, 2017

On the Edge But Still Tying Up Loose Ends

We once had a friend who was a world champion in speedwings.  He would jump off cliffs with a kite strapped to his back!  Beautiful, amazing, scary!  I am sure that I am about to take that type of leap with God.  All around me I hear voices declaring the year of breakthrough!  Randy has an incredibly insightful word on the “Sons of Breakthrough”.  I am chomping at the bit.  Exactly what God says i am not to do.  He tells me in His Word, not to be like a donkey that has to be bridled!  But I know that He has had to bridle me.  HMMM – I am a donkey?

While January produced breakthrough in many areas of my life, God spoke loud and clear on my during my birthday month.  My birthday was in January.  As I turned 56, I sensed God tell me to ‘tie up loose ends’, part of my being bridled.  My heart is racing with anticipation for the leap of ‘speedwing-ing’ into a new adventure with God, but alas, I will trip over my own shoelaces (lack of character and lack of alignment in circumstances) if I jump too early.  I will destroy myself, others I love, and most importantly my purpose in His Kingdom.  So I am tying up loose ends.  I’m in training.  I am persevering.  I am not having any mercy or making any treaties with secret attitudes and habits in my own heart, with brutal self-honesty.  I am walking through open doors, putting one foot securely in front of the other.  Recently, in Guatemala, I observed women loaded with baskets of food and a baby on their back literally bouncing up the same mountains that I was slipping, sliding, falling, stumbling up!  I must let my God bridle me, train me, cleanse me, so I become familiar with the new terrain and I can skip as ‘hinds feet on high places’ with Him – my heart’s desire.

Because you see, in June there will be a huge shift in me, not only spiritually but physically.  Our youngest, Hannah Grace, will graduate from the university and begin her teaching career.  I will exit my present position of teaching 3 year olds at KDO with mixed emotions.  I will join PI ‘officially’ as a staff member, allowing me to partner more fully and travel more extensively both on my own and with Randy.  Plus a plethora of other events will accent June.  I am also training for a 1/2 marathon that I will run with some of our kids in the fall.  At least one of my books on ‘Children in the Kingdom’ should be published and the other on ‘Parenting’ well on the way.  June is significant!

BUT most importantly I will reach a huge milestone for me personally with God.  In June, I will celebrate 50 YEARS OF LIVING IN GOD’S FAMILY!  I have not been perfect, but I truly cannot think of a time that I blatantly walked away from God.  His KEEPING GRACE has kept me.  I have held to Him over bumps, through floods, on the mountain tops and in the valleys.  He has kept me and I have kept Him.  Where else can I go, for I know that He ALONE has the words of Life, for sure!  I love Him more today than ever.  So I will gladly be bridled by Him until I am better trained to His ways.  I will tie up loose ends so I can leave knowing that I did my best and I can take me experiences with me into the future.

One of the ‘loose ends’ concerns this blog site.  In the months of February and March, I will be writing specifically on ‘Kids in the Kingdom’ and ‘Parenting’.  My goal is to write weekly!  May God keep that bit in my mouth that I will be found faithful!  I hope that you will glean Kingdom insights as you and others read the upcoming blogs!  If you think of it . . . pray for me to ‘tie up any and all loose ends with a passion.’   But I also want to challenge you with me, to take the next 2 months to tie up any loose ends that you have let fray!  God is desiring for all of us to leap, run, soar with Him this year, but we must take the time to tie up any loose ends that we not trip over our own shoelaces!

Originally posted January 27, 2017