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December 2, 2021

Our Father, One Family, One Author, One Story

Our Father

Our Father is the most prolific author and our Elder Brother is the Word. Let it be said that we, you and PI, are in the family business of writing His Kingdom story on people’s hearts. I pray that our work will perpetually reproduce until the Gospel of our Christ and His Kingdom is known throughout the world.

Fear coupled with multiple voices has sparked divisions and tried to stifle the writing of His Story. Our Father never has writer’s block and is never surprised. He empowered you in obedient generosity and prayer, which enabled PI’s creativity and diligence. It has been a record year!

Some of our story’s chapters:

  1. First of all, in a nation where preaching ‘Jesus’ is illegal, resulting in an immediate jail sentence, five of the soon PI graduates, will hike with backpacks containing everything needed for conducting a school in their nation’s remotest areas to people that are mostly illiterate and separated. The videos will be overdubbed, so they will hear their language. These graduates will be trained to run the videos, teach live, and disciple the people.
  2. In Latin America, after the Kingdom of God course, one student took the manual and created a VBS for the children. It’s amaxing how generations have been released into the Kingdom! Also in Latin America, a nation is talking with us on developing a Kingdom strategy to disciple every part of their nation.
  3. The Northern Nairobi, Kenyan school just graduated. Before graduating, the students had already started a school and discipling others into Christ and His Kingdom. They are purposing to start two more schools and expand over into Uganda.
  4. In Krakow, Poland, Josiah and Brandi Boyd pioneered a school in direct partnership with their local church. They also intensified the courses, the meetings, and the discipling. The young people have matured quickly with a hunger for Christ and His Kingdom. Some of these graduates will be discipling and teaching in yet a second school. It’s amazing how their church has multiplied in their leadership. Josiah and Brandi at 33 and 31 are the ‘elder’ group.
  5. PI literally built our studio and offices with the supplies you provided.
  6. Lastly, with Josiah’s expertise, PI now has an internet platform that is a ‘clearinghouse’ for our manuals, resources, blogs, chat groups, online school and much more.

Aren’t you excited to be about our Father’s business?!