Prepare International Internship

Prepare International is pleased to announce that we are opening up an internship venture for this fall and spring. The vision of our internship program is to provide young people an opportunity to grow in discipleship on a global level and understand the Kingdom as it pertains to everyday life. Also, PI is looking to expose the young adults to Prepare International and the ongoing work of the global Kingdom and the processes involved in this mission organization.

We will be offering two or three intern positions in this first cycle. We are very excited to see who God brings into our PI culture. The intern position will be unpaid or personal support raised. It will require 12-15 hours per week. You will receive weekly discipleship with a PI staff member, attend weekly meetings and prayer/Bible study, and be responsible for both ministry and administrative duties. The intern will have an opportunity to travel within the US for small ministry trips. Also, Prepare International will pay a portion of an international trip with the intern paying the remaining portion. 

Please consider applying and becoming a part of the Prepare International team for a time and a part of our PI family forever.