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July 3, 2018

Playing Around with PrayGround

It was much fun and an honor to write Playing Around with PrayGround. I wrote for both parents and children’s ministers. In Matthew, Jesus gets very upset with His disciples for setting up obstacles that the children could not readily come to Him. He instructed them (us) to not only make the way clear but to strongly encourage the children to come to Him. The scripture says that He rebuked the disciples and called the children to Himself and ‘laid’ His hands on them to ‘bless’ them.

The word picture used is that Jesus attached Himself to the children like a flame to a candle wick. These were children of all ages, even infants. What does this say about the system that we have built in our homes and our churches, thinking that we are serving God, contrast to what Jesus really wants in His Kingdom? Where Jesus reigns, kids are valued and released into the Kingdom with the wise hand of loving adults.

In my simple heart, I would say that God, accidentally on purpose on my part; yet very intentional and patient on His part, took me under His wing that I could dare to see children from His perspective. He imparted into me creativity, fun and a different mindset in order to usher children unto Himself, into His Kingdom. – Callie

In this book, several values that God constructed in my heart were identified. From those values, an atmosphere that welcomes children into the Kingdom of God can be created. Then, by applying those values with different perspectives and a release of creativity, a few friends and I that have disclosed practical ways and scenarios of ‘how PrayGround looks’. PrayGround is a tool. Just that, a tool, not a program. For PrayGround to work you have to make it your own, using your personality and your creativity. But it falls flat unless God is the architect. To use PrayGround successfully we, the adults must pray! Ironic – right? Enjoy the adventure of Playing Around with PrayGround.