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December 12, 2017

Randy, Boone, Bethany, Hannah, Josiah, Brandi and me – FAMILY!

My family!!  From the minute Randy and I married I prayed that God would use our family as a battle ax in His Kingdom against the gates of hell.  It’s humbling and exciting to see these young passionate people standing on our shoulders and going much further with Him.  Plus, they are ALOT of fun and keep us on our toes!

(above names in order in picture – so you know who we are! )

As people with a mission heart, it concludes that God did not give us just 3 opposites as children, but actually 3 totally different people groups!  We are a family of extremes, intensity and opposites.  It started with Randy and me.  Now we have ‘us’ made of adventure-seekers, competitors, pray-ers, dancers, worshipers, teachers, free-spirits, planners, socialites, solitude, seekers, relaxed, book lovers, movie lovers, sensitive hearts, sarcastic wits, as many adjectives as you think.  We got it all.  It is a miracle and humorous as we love, value and interact with each other!  Never boring!

Originally posted October 9th, 2016