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August 1, 2023


The Gift of Memory

Remembrance coupled by the work of Christ in our lives is a wonder-filled gift. I possess over  three pages of scriptures telling us to remember. God even instructs us to remember our former bondage, “Remember you were a slave . . .” But He doesn’t stop there. The gift of remembrance is this, “AND the Lord your God brought you out . . .”


The last two months have been ladled with great emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges, but God makes everything wonder-filled. As my dad was in his final days, there was such joy and healing as my dad, brother, and I would recount memories, memories of how he and mom raised us in an atmosphere of Jesus, of family not just for us four but for the basketball guys and anyone who needed a meal, a hug, or keys to the gym. It wasn’t perfect, but real.

As people gathered in celebration of dad’s life and how one simple life given over to Jesus had impacted their lives forever, I looked out and saw faces that that flooded my heart with memories. Memories of laughter and pain, woven through them all was Jesus. I stood in awe how He alone can take memories and fill them with wonder, wonder at His power to love, forgive, comfort, laugh, redeem.

Close to 80 former players and coaches attended. Multitudes more called, visited, brought food but mostly we were blessed as they remembered with us. You see my parents created an atmosphere of family in our home. These were my brothers and we were remembering our dad together.

Raymond Beachum and his wife, Karen, came to family visitation. I was 10 when he played for my dad. Wrapping his arms around me, not having to say anything, I was safe, I was understood, I was loved, I was healed. We laughed, shared memories, and spoke of what God is doing in us now. God! Family!

Remembering Brings Healing

Jesus was with His brothers, His disciples, right before the cross. He instructed them to take communion in remembrance of Him, the covenant, the Father and His great love for us; to remember we are family. Remembrance is a gift, a wonder-filled redemptive gift when Jesus is at the thread through the memories. Just like Raymond’s hug, we can embrace in the atmosphere of remembrance of our Father, in His context of family, bringing healing and joy to each other’s souls. God! Family!