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October 29, 2018

September Blitz 2018 – Randy Boyd

Where did you go and on what dates?  Sept 17- Oct 1     We traveled to southern Poland to visit Josiah and Brandi on the field.  They are our children, but they are also very important pieces to our work throughout Europe.  They will be leading our work in North Central Europe and have already negotiated to open three new schools there.  I, then, went on alone to our school in Skopje, Macedonia, before heading to the Croatian Coast, Central Croatia, and our school in Zagreb, Croatia.

1) In Krakow, Poland, we visited Josiah and Brandi and made sure they had everything they needed and were getting settled.  Callie spoke to the Children’s ministry team of KDM about activating your children for the Lord and His Kingdom and I spoke to the leaders of the church on the necessity of carrying the spiritual weight and mantle of the church’s apostolic calling.


2) In Skopje, Macedonia I taught on the Secret Life with Christ – How to cultivate a hidden life of prayer and study.  It was powerful.  There were 18 of us in the school that day and it was as if every session, the Lord Jesus Himself was inviting us into a deeper life with Him.  This is a cornerstone way of life for those who desire to advance in the ministry of the Kingdom of God with the Lord Jesus.  We will only have outward authority in correspondence to our hidden intimacy!  I then ministered on Sunday morning at the host church with a powerful working of the Holy Spirit.  Some were healed and set free, but the Word deeply penetrated our hearts!


3) Callie and I then ministered on the family in the Kingdom on the coast of Croatia as Callie baptized Tonka Avdagic (9 years old) in the Adriatic Sea.  This was a cataclysmic breakthrough in the way this region thinks about children.  We then co-taught the course:  The Power of a Transformed Mind and it was profound.  The depth of spiritual input together with practical applications were fantastic.  I have to say that Callie was simply fantastic.  I cannot stress enough the vital role she plays in the transformation of thinking around the world.  She is a treasure to this world straight from the hand of Jesus.

How did you see God move through PI?

One of the most profound things I saw was the final sermon I preached on Sunday morning:  The ministry of washing one another’s feet!  I described this as a spiritual ministry cleansing, healing, and encouraging one another and immediately after the service, a couple went to their alcoholic brother in law who was quite abusive but denied his problem and ‘washed his feet’ through love, blessing, and encouragement.  The wife called that night and said there had been a remarkable change in the man and later, he called confessing his alcoholism and asking for help.  It was a tremendous sign for all of the power of Jesus and His ways of life and love!


Tell us about a moment that really impacted you.

When Callie baptized Tonka, it was so touching.  She was saved in our living room just one month ago!  This was a group that had struggled to believe that children could be saved and enter the Kingdom.  To see this little treasure go under the water and come up with such joy at the hands of Callie was glorious!


Tell us how someone you were in contact with is changing their city

I had dinner one evening with a precious couple, Pali and Ibi Katona from Ohrid, Macedonia.  They are Hungarian missionaries to Macedonia and Albania that we partner with.  As they told the stories both of struggles and of great breakthrough growth, I rejoiced and marveled and felt it such an honor to be known as a ‘friend’ of this couple.  They are true pioneering apostles of Jesus in an almost totally unreached area of the world.


What are the prayer needs of the region you visited?

We need an outpouring of Grace:

a.  Grace for the awakening of the lost to the reality of God and their need for Jesus
b.  Grace in the church for true disciples to arise with an accelerated maturity
c.  Grace in our schools and all the churches we serve for people to fill the call to serve their world, lay down their lives as ministers and be filled with the Holy Spirit
d.  Grace for miracles to attest to the reality of Jesus and the word of His Kingdom
e.  Grace for unity and love amongst the churches and believers