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October 29, 2018

September Blitz 2018 – Harvey Boyd

What did you do in each location?

Romania: We had 4 PI schools each in a different location. The topic for the schools was Power Ministry Today. We also had 10 healing services in 9 different cities.

Budapest, Hungary: We had healing prayer training. Tuesday and Wednesday we had healing services.

Poltava, Ukraine: We had a Prepare School on Power Ministry Today. Sunday we had a healing service.

How did you see God move through PI?

Everywhere we went we saw God move in awesome power. The excitement of the people in the schools was great as I taught that every believer can walk in God’s healing power, then we demonstrated it and through their hands, they got to see God move in power. We saw many, many healing miracles; blind, deaf, paralyzed move, diabetes healed, etc.

Tell us about a moment that really impacted you.

I saw so many it is hard to pick one out. A father brought his 7 or 8-year-old son to the front to be prayed for in one meeting. Crying the father told us that his son had lost his right eye and was totally blind in it. The doctors had run many tests and said that the boy’s eye was gone that it would be impossible for him to ever see again. As we prayed tears began to run down the little boy’s eyes and his sight had come back in the right eye. God had healed him. People all around us were crying and praising God.