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May 1, 2022

Show Me Your Glory


I’m finally coming out of a season of emotional weariness. I wasn’t physically tired, but still felt exhausted. Even though my connection to the Lord has been solid, I’ve still been affected by the heaviness that has blanketed the entire world. But I’m gaining a deepening understanding of what God is trying to do during this season. Our world of pandemic uncertainty and global unrest has thrust all of us into an unsolicited season of searching. Even more, the energy it took to navigate all the uncertainty has left the population of the earth emotionally exhausted! Lord we need to see your glory.

Your Glory

For disciples of Jesus, this season has exposed a desperate need to be more closely aligned with the voice and will of God. It has become clear that our Heavenly Father is motioning for us to draw closer to him. Even through our fatigue, He is rekindling an ancient desire: show me Your glory! In Exodus 33 God had determined that, because of Israel’s stubborn rebellion,  His presence could not continue in the midst of the people, lest He destroy them. Rather than recoil from this rejection, however,  Moses presses in. In verse 18 Moses boldly asks the Lord, “show me Your glory!” That was a gutsy move. It turns out, it was exactly what God wanted to hear!

As king David prepared a tent to host the presence of God, he made his motives known. In Psalm 27, beginning in verse 4, David says, “one thing I have asked that I will seek . . . to see your beauty!” Fast forward to the end of Jesus’ ministry, in John 17:24. The Messiah prays, “Father, I desire that they (His disciples) may see My glory . . .”.

Show Us

Whatever is coming, whatever is ahead, one thing is becoming clear. We cannot face it without an increased exposure to the glory of our King Jesus. One thing I have asked from the Lord, and I will seek, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever and gaze upon His beauty. Lord, show us your glory!