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January 29, 2019

Simple Strategy

Simple Strategy

Our work began about 20 years ago as I traveled throughout the Czech Republic and Poland. We were working in small church planting projects, equipping young leaders to build and multiply small groups within their local churches. In those early trips, two significant things occurred. First, a portion of the Lord’s heart for Europe was injected into my veins. This created the need I felt to start PI. Secondly, a simple strategy arose. The strategy was to find, equip, and hold up the arms of indigenous leaders to bear much fruit within their own lands! This is the heart and soul of Prepare International!

Indigenous leaders are the homegrown Front-line Shepherds in any locale on earth. They commit their lives to make a difference for the sake of His name. It is our mandate to find and equip 10,000 indigenous laborers who will carry the burden of Jesus and the Kingdom. We seek to develop 10,000 love-inspired, faith-filled, Spirit-empowered, cross-carrying followers of Jesus who will have a profound affect upon their nation.

Why the Indigenous Leader?

First, I am convinced it is divinely inspired. The homegrown leader already possesses a burden for their people and their land – often far more than any of us could. Second, these leaders are already culturally adapted and completely integrated into the nation. They are citizens and completely fluent in the language of the people. And Lastly, the price tag of an indigenous Kingdom worker is highly cost-effective.

In every way, it is a fantastic paradigm of reaching a land for Jesus!

Above all, this Kingdom strategy creates wonderful partnerships. Perhaps the greatest strength we have at Prepare International is all of the partnerships that God has given us. It is no small statement or exaggeration in any way to say that the Kingdom of God moves forward on the power of relational partnerships! It is a simple strategy that has a major impact. Some of these men and women have woven their way into our hearts and become our close friends through the years. Partnership! Thank you for you partnership with us here at PI. You have become a dear help to us and a critical piece in this grand Kingdom adventure.