Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

May 1, 2020


Strange Days

These are strange days!  In all my years of serving, I’ve never seen anything like this. I must admit that when this COVID-19 virus began to raise its nasty little head in January, I really didn’t believe it to be too serious of a problem.  Wow, was I wrong! (It’s a pretty common event, just ask Callie, my wife!) For one of the first times in my life of leadership, I genuinely have no idea how to plan, proceed ahead, or even what to do.

When 18 years ago God spoke these little words to me, “Prepare Men for Me,” it set the course for our family’s life and now many, many more. Through His four words, a worldwide Kingdom Disciplemaking Movement has emerged with thousands being trained and now training others.  100s of churches and other Christ filled communities have been planted and now we see Jesus’ Kingdom advancing rapidly beyond ‘religious’ borders invading daily life in the marketplace and homes.  YEA!  Jesus is at work, but . . . 


But we are at home – a lot – and to be brutally honest, many of us feel more comfortable on the go, preaching, teaching, counseling, and mentoring leaders around the world. Screeeeeech  –  Stooooopppp! I am so grateful for wonderful homes, plenty of food, and great families while the travel pauses, but the work remains.  While we are here experiencing inconvenience and uncertainty, many of our friends and coworkers around the world are facing not so ‘inconvenient’ circumstances.  Our Croatians friends while quarantined in their homes, experienced back to back earthquakes in the capital with major devastation.  Our friends in Asia and Africa are facing massive economic catastrophes, food shortages, and starvation among their people.  On top of this, many of the worldwide servants of Christ are facing tremendous financial crises due to no church services or public ministry of any sorts.  Suddenly, our inconveniences seem minor.  Trivial at best.

Callie, myself, and our team are convinced that God is mightily at work in this pandemic.  Jesus truly reigns over all, and the most important thing today is to hear His voice!  If we are hearing anything from heaven it is this:

  • Love your friends and coworkers around the world providing relief where you can
  • Rapidly move forward with development of media-based training 
  • Hear Me!  I am creating new normals — don’t crave the old.  I have a fresh agenda for you and new wineskins for multiplying fruit in My Name

These are tough but beautiful times. Strange days, very strange but good. Thank you for your partnership, love, and generosity in this season of uncertainty. I am sure of this — THE BEST IS YET TO COME!