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March 1, 2023

The Gala

2023 Fundraising Gala

PI had quite the round table discussion of the correct pronunciation of gala. (I’m still in favor of west Texas diction of gay-la.) Then, I sought out the exact definition: gala – a festive occasion!!!  Today it is important to embrace every opportunity of celebration. The Gala was truly a festive celebration it was.

As we talked with God pryer to the event, we prayed for an atmosphere of family, which is one of our highest priorities. We prayed that God would shine, which is the highest priority. We prayed that new people would partner in the adventure of raising Kingdom leaders, surrendered to Him, to disciple their nations. One day in prayer, Randy blurted out that God would cause a certain amount of money to be given as a breakthrough. The rest of us agreed, but in truth only a few had real faith. Hey! Ok! That’d be fun!

His Family

As the evening transpired, people conversed, laughed, and the atmosphere radiated ‘family.’ The video clips, interview, joking, even the auctions, and drawings added to the both fun and purpose of the event. Everything accented the Father’s heart’s desire to increase His family, by having us, His present family join Him. Randy, Drew, and I (the PI’s Caleb generation) realized that 60% of those joining in the celebration were people not already partners with PI. As we scanned the beautiful faces attending, we rejoiced in seeing all generations with a strong representation of those in their 30s and 20s. Joy literally flooded our souls. 

God moved with generosity on the hearts of so many sweet people and their giving exceeded our original monetary goal. But God wasn’t through. A lovely family quietly gave our financial team a check. When they opened the check, it was exactly the amount that Randy had blurted out as a breakthrough. God is loves to surprise us. 

Woven Together

I can’t explain the underlying current of excited purpose that is flowing through the PI team. He is creating a staff of young lions. We turned around and realized that only 3 of us are over 40.  He is weaving the generations together to carry His Glory with more clarity. I can’t say we planned this or tried to do this. I guess we planted and watered in prayer and sowed into relationships but God has given the increase. We recognize it is not just happening in PI, but we are humbled and honored to be actively woven into His heart for the here and now, and the tomorrows!