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December 12, 2017

The Language of Play

I love kids!!!  They are my tutors of how to live life in the Kingdom of God.  In Matthew 18:4, Jesus says, “Whoever becomes simple and elemental again, like this child, will rank high in God’s Kingdom.”  Kids keep my perspective right.  Being with kids, I caught on quick that all kids speak the same language – play.  Play is not only a shared activity but it is a literal way of communicating.  

Recently, I was in a village tucked into the mountains of Guatemala.  Reportedly, 30 witches made their home there.  A friend had said it was one of the saddest, darkest places she had been.  Our team prayed our perspective would be from Heaven to earth, not earth to Heaven.  We were met by some believers riddled in their population were beautiful smiling kids.  I gravitated to a group of girls.  I had very limited use of their native tongue but I have learned to speak the language of play.  We communicated by speaking play.  We became friends.  We exchanged big hugs and laughs, danced and took pictures together (pic shown). It didn’t matter where I was from, or what my background was, or the color of my skin, or the tongue I spoke.  Play transcended all our differences.  Not only my perspective widened from Heaven to earth, but all those around us began to see life with a smile!  Light came into the darkness.  Joy triumphed over sadness.  Love conquered fear.  God was seen!

I think Play may be the language in Heaven!

Originally posted October 22, 2016