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January 1, 2021

Transformational Thinking


Our theology shapes our behavior. Did you know that? Every day, you and I make decisions based on what we believe to be true. At the heart of this practical reality are our core beliefs about our relationship with God. For instance, when you feel like you have been wronged by someone else, how you respond is dependent upon what you believe about God. Do you believe God is your defender? Do you believe that He works all things for your good? If those statements are true, how does that change your response to the wrong done to you?  Furthermore, our behavior reveals what we really believe. What we believe can be transformational.


The chaos in the world around is forcing an important question; do you know what you really believe? In our course on The Power of a Transformed Mind, we identify 6 foundation stones of Kingdom thinking. If these six foundations become our instinct of thought, our go-to perspective, our behavior then becomes transformational. As you read through these six statements, I encourage you to ask yourself, “what would change if I made decisions as if these statements were true?”

  1. God is my father, and He is always good.
  2. It is finished, and everything is available.
  3. I am His beloved, and am significant on the earth.
  4. Trials are normal, and under His care.
  5. Miracles are normal, and everything is possible.
  6. Jesus Christ, the King, reigns over all.

Be Influenced by Good

Instead of me giving a scriptural reference for each of these, let me challenge you to study each of these statements. What does the Bible say about each one? Dig in and see for yourself! But more importantly, we need to be aware of how these truths influence our decision making. They need to become the instinct of our thought, the framework of our perspective and the substance of our behavior. If we live as if all of this is true, it becomes natural for us to ‘love God’, ‘love our neighbor’ and ‘make disciples of all nations’. As we begin a new year, let’s press into the apostle Paul’s admonition in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Let’s become transformed people who transform our world in 2021!