Prepare International

Prepare International is a world mission group determined to be a catalyst in the world, dedicated to seeing the Kingdom of God come more fully in our generation and the generations to come. We exist to cultivate a generation who SEE the Kingdom, ENTER the Kingdom and EXPRESS the Kingdom in every arena of life.

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We train

In partnership with international Christian leaders, we help develop various kinds of training environments in which students can have life-changing experiences touching the head (with biblical truth), the heart (by encountering God) and the hands (through ministry skills development).  The end result . . . to see 10,000 Lovers of Jesus arise who Labor in their lands and Lead in every facet of society so that the Lost can be saved, Life-giving churches will emerge and other forms of Kingdom ventures will be Launched to the glory of the Son of God.

We mentor

We dedicate much time to mentor, coach and father existing and emerging leaders, helping them to integrate Jesus’ Kingdom paradigm into their life, family, and ministry causing a powerful reaction both within and without.

We pray

We know that every Kingdom movement will be built on a foundation of prayer. We are working to enlist, encourage and stimulate prayer for the nations. We partner with our international leaders to foster ongoing prayer in their nations. We also send teams of seasoned intercessors to join with our international partners in prayer. Additionally, we maintain a prayer network of people committed to pray for the nations in which we work.

We stimulate Kingdom advancement

Lastly, P.I. stimulates specific, Kingdom-advancing, activities. We work to see movements break forth of discipleship; church planting, Kingdom business, Christian education and any other activity that advances the purposes of the King and His Kingdom.

Short History of PI

P.I. was formed 16 years ago with Randy assuming the role of Director in 2003. He and Callie, his wife, quickly set a course of ministry to train and equip national leaders and workers for life and service within their nation.

Our first training schools were in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but over the last 13 years, we quickly moved into Poland, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, and Macedonia. Then in 2014, we opened new works in Africa and in Central and South America. Over the years, we have helped to establish 40 or more schools training the worlds frontline Shepherds in Kingdom principles and power.

Meet the team

The Team of Prepare International is comprised of men and women from around the globe that share a common goal ~ that He might be known, loved and adored by all!  We come from all backgrounds of life, language groups, and sectors of society.  We love the church and seek her welfare, but we see His Kingdom’s influence extending out from her walls into the worlds of education, business, politics, entertainment and beyond.

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