Gathering Stones – before the first step

I will be posting a series of blogs that I wrote this past 6 months. I am changing my blogsite to the PI site. This series is about TRANSITIONING. It is called Gathering Stones. I hope you enjoy and see Jesus through these blogs. This is the 1st of the series.

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Get Out Of The Way

When our 3 kids were younger we took a trip to Waco to attend World Mandate, an intensely radical missions conference. Josiah was 15, Bethany – 12 and Hannah – 9. At the end of his talk, one speaker called for those that would volunteer to go to the hard places to stand. With quick glances, as mothers do, I watched my kids.

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Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Randy and I lead Prepare International, a mission organization that now serves in 20 nations. But when people are around me they are amazed that God can work through such an ordinary person (or perhaps even viewed as sub-ordinary by some).

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We all matter

I speak with people everywhere with this simple message, “Don’t play it safe or live just for your own happiness. Live to touch your world.” The answer I so often hear and, the answer is “Who me? But I can’t…“ Here is what I’ve learned over 36 years of walking with the Lord.

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Restoring the work of a Blacksmith

It dawned on me the other day, that I have been leading this ministry into Europe (and now Africa and Latin America) for right at 20 years. As time progressed, the Lord has made our calling apparent.

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