Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

Equipping Kingdom Leaders to Influence the Marketplace

Discipleship is not meant to be confined to the walls of a church. What would it look like if the Kingdom invaded your realm? We provide practical tools for every believer to foster Kingdom advancement in their workplace.

God at Work

Multiplying Leaders

Influence Your Community

Advancing the Kingdom by Multiplying Leaders

Over the past twenty years, we have developed practical materials that help believers, leaders, and pastors grow in their relationship with Jesus, understand and enter His Kingdom, and walk in the Kingdom identity Jesus paid for on the cross. When people see the Kingdom, enter the Kingdom, and begin to walk in the Kingdom, their lives, and your church, will never be the same.

Prepare International

Practical Training and Mentoring to See Kingdom Expansion in your Sphere of Influence

Leadership Training

We provide courses and workbooks to train individuals and groups in foundational Kingdom values that will impact every sector: education, government, media, arts & entertainment, and business.

Strategic Implementation

Be activated in the Biblical truths to see how the Kingdom can influence and transform your community.

Community Transformation

As you live more and more fully in the Kingdom of God you will start to see how there is no secular/sacred divide. There is only one Kingdom that every sphere of influence must submit to.

Marketplace Testimonies

PI has been developing and implementing strategic discipleship training across the globe for over 20 years. We have worked with over 100 different entities on 5 continents and help raise over 1000+ leaders who are impacting their different sectors of life. Jesus has provided a powerful example of how to train and empower individuals to effectively share the message of His Kingdom and see His power in action.


Student and Entrepreneur (Cambodia)​

PI has helped me a lot to grow and live in the kingdom of God. Especially one key word that I remember is ‘living in the supernatural.



Entrepreneur (Netherlands)

PI has really changed my life, because before that I have done some trainings and schools but it was more like theory. Randy demonstrated this. I am very happy that he came into my life.

Practical Resources to Equip the Global Church

Equip Your Leaders

Partner with PI to launch a mentoring program in your sphere of influence. You will get instruction from our school directors, step by step course materials for trainers and students, plus access to our 20+ years of experience.

Personal Influence Growth

Are you ready to start investing in the way you impact the world around you?
Start today with our on-demand courses. You will learn foundational truths which will train you to actively bring Kingdom transformation to your community.

Get One-on-One Coaching

You can meet with our directors to strategically implement Kingdom values in your sphere of influence.

How It Works

Three Simple Steps for Growth and Transformation


Connect with Us

How can we help you bring Kingdom influence to your sphere of influence? We would love to connect.


Make a Plan

Together we can choose from our library of resources to create a plan that will effectively serve you as you take steps to advance the Kingdom outside the church walls.


Experience Favor and Blessing

As your sphere of influence begins to mirror the Kingdom of God you will experience blessing and favor in your sphere of influence and personal life.

Who is Prepare International?

Prepare International works through the philosophy of partnership. We seek deep and lasting partnerships with churches, businesses, and individuals that have a vision for reaching the lost, training current and emerging leaders, planting churches, and growing in their personal walk. Our heart is to help these local leaders reach their goals and vision the Lord has given them. A team is created between the PI staff and these local leaders to set goals, develop the ministry plans, and begin the work. We truly become partners for the long-term success of His work in the land.

Prepare International