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We do After school care with one of my colleagues. She told me the other day that she feels the difference in the way kids behave whenever I enter the room to the extent that she is now afraid to be there without me. While when she is away God gives the kids great peace and they just play quietly.

Christina, Cultivating the Presence of God, Krakow, Poland

Before this weekend of the academy, I honestly believed that I did not have any gifts of the Holy Spirit. I thought there was something wrong with me and that I was probably not spiritual enough to have the gifts of the Spirit. But through our practice of prophesying to each other in different ways. I realized that I do have gifts, and from time to time after this weekend, when I pray for certain things, I see images. Honestly, sometimes I get scared and check if I’m imagining things, but when I tell it to another person, I am convinced that it is God, when they say that another person or God himself showed them this image. So, because I saw a certain image for my friend, it turned out that God saved her from making a decision that would have negatively affected her life. And it is incredible that God uses me for other people. The second gift I believe God is growing me in is healing. After the academy, I had situations when I prayed for people and the pain disappeared. And it’s also incredible that yesterday I twisted my ankle, it hurt so much, but I prayed and today, thank God, I feel fine, just a little discomfort.

Lisa, Holy Spirit and Divine Communications, Krakow, Poland

The next day after this topic, I was in church, and I felt God telling me that I needed to give a certain amount of money to another person. And I said to God, okay, but I don’t have that much money, and if I have orders, I will certainly give it. And what was my surprise that the next day I received an order that allowed me to bless another person. It is so incredible that God does not leave me alone when He tells me to do something, but gives me the resources to fulfill what He has asked.

Lisa, Living by Faith, Krakow, Poland

I try to catch myself every time I start thinking from a human perspective not to do it and I try to change my perspective to one from heaven.

Bartek, Transformed Mind, Krakow, Poland

Recently I was feeling depressed, lost, and thankfully this course came at the right moment. The truth of the kingdom has set me free John 8:32, brought me back to life again and gave me purpose. I am still working to influence, impact my surroundings, testimonies will come in a few for sure.

Clarice, Kingdom of God, Krakow, Poland

PI has been special to me personally because it brought me a revelation of the kingdom of God personally. But the exciting thing for me, it did not just give ME that revelation of the kingdom of God, but gave me the tools, gave me the resources to be able to share with consecutive generations. Generation after generation, in different countries; the revelation of the kingdom of God. Just to be able to help people come into that relationship with the father.

Wayne Hester, US missionary to Eastern Asia

PI is our big family. PI is really meaningful to us and has us grow in the Lord and in the kingdom of God.

Trainor in Cambodia

We really appreciate the Prepare International team for helping our team go through the pandemic. But PI team has always been there to help equip and train up and also to train leaders of leaders for our next generation as well. So, thank you so much.

Trainor in Eastern Asia

Thank you for helping our leadership team, lift up our hands and just support us and training us. And we appreciate and we feel blessed through the work you do for us.

Trainor in Cambodia

PI has helped me a lot to grow and live in the kingdom of God. Especially one key word that I remember is ‘living in the supernatural.

Student and entrepreneur in Cambodia

I learned many things through this training. I was unknown of the many biblical principles before joining PI training. I have seen changes in my thoughts and in the Church now. At the moment, I can teach my congregation what I learned from the training.

Pastor Indra Lal Dimdung, Central Asia

The teaching of PI has become very effective in my personal life and church ministry. God has been using me to heal many sick people and has changed my mind that God would use only a special person. I have experienced that God can use any ordinary person like me to make a difference in the lives of other people.

Now I know how to deliver the true gospel of the Kingdom of God. I have learned about how important the personal life of a leader is, and how to live in the LOVE and POWER of Jesus. I am thankful to the team of PI for disciplining me.

Pastor Pradip Moktan, Central Asia

This type of training is the first in my life. This informal training helps many church leaders and pastors who are not educationally qualified to attend the seminary or the special courses. I find it very effective and practical for those who can't leave their congregation for a long time. I am thankful for the balance of teaching from the Prepare International manuals. The training helped me to be a leader with sound doctrine and it has helped me to be practical in my ministry.

Pastor Prajwal Moktan, Central Asia

This training changed me personally and, as I am teaching the same biblical principles to my church, I have seen many changes in my people's lives. Now our families have a more intimate relationship with God than before. Now people have learned to give, share, and be active in gospel preaching. As a result, we see a growth in our church. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to be a part of LOGOS/PI training.

Pastor Buddhi Lal Praja, Central Asia

My own spouse, children, and the church have found some positive changes in my personal life. I am thankful and feel good that my character is reflecting Jesus! Thank you very much for the training.

Mr. Markus Singh, Central Asia

I have been to so many trainings in my ministry for the last 30 years. I received many dozens of graduation certificates. I attended the LOGOS/PI training session thinking that it could be just another training session. As I finished the eight manuals for the training, I found the training different than the others. All the manuals were practical, interesting, and heart-touching, and the balanced teaching of mature teachers has changed my way of thinking in the ministry. Now I can see the great need for discipleship among pastors and leaders. Now I and my co-pastors from the area have decided to carry on the vision so that we can prepare more MEN and WOMEN for the KINGDOM OF GOD!

Pastor Hem Neupane, Central Asia

I live in the midst of a Muslim community. I am blessed to be a part of the training. I am impressed by the teaching on the topic of Christian Character which is the foundation of our ministry, and our family life – especially our relationship with our spouses, raising kingdom children plays a vital role in our ministry. I am thankful to everyone for encouraging me for the ministry. Thank you!

Pastor Chitra Bahadur B.K., Central Asia

My name is Ram Maya. I am a housewife and also assist my husband in his church work. We have our own children. I am not good at reading and writing as I never had a chance to go to school. We have a small congregation on the mountain. We, women, have a very difficult life in the village. We hardly get a chance to go out and learn. I am thankful to Logos/PI for giving me this great privilege to go through the training so many times. Now I have confidence that I could share my faith with others in a proper way and teach my own children.

Mrs. Ram Maya, Student from Central Asia

I found how important is to disciple the young generation. We disciple others through teaching as well as presenting a kingdom lifestyle that was never in my mind. The training also helped me to follow Christ in a very practical way. I am thankful.

Miss. Junu Bisunke, Student from Central Asia

I had a chance to go to many training programs but this one has a deeper teaching. It is more focused on the Kingdom of God and our Character. I am blessed to be a part of PI vision. Thank you very much for disciplining me.

Pastor Satya man, Central Asia

Prepare International has been a great inspiration for me. Especially when Randy started to visit my house and he was the teacher at the schools, at the class, but he didn’t only teach, but he also demonstrated the kingdom lifestyle. And that really changed my life, because before that I have done some trainings and schools but it was more like theory. Randy demonstrated this. I am very happy that he came into my life.

Volkert Muijs, Teacher and Entrepreneur in Netherlands

I thought about everything Randy and Callie and that PI has meant to us. We will always be thankful for the impact you had in our lives and in the lives of our family. Especially Shuan who was totally transformed at one of the family camps, and our church as well. To be part of something bigger. And that first school that you started in Belgium was actually the fulfillment of a prophecy that we had that we would be involved in a school and that it would be part of our church. You were totally a part of God’s will there. You have been so good to us, served us, and you had a huge impact in our lives. God bless you and the best is still to come.

Willie Smit, Belgium

What a great privilege to be part of such a great organization. You have learned us so many things, you have taught us everything we really wanted to know. But the main thing was to be part of the kingdom of God and to be part of a big family. And you taught us what it means, the greater, bigger, deeper meaning of being part of a family of Christ. And we are so grateful for that.

Madeline Annandale, pastor in Belgium

What made PI different to us is that some come in and we are projects, you came in and we are family.

Kootz Celis, Belgium

Friends, really friends. And great support and great image of the kingdom of God. And I am happy to go to heaven because people from PI will be there. Otherwise maybe I wouldn’t be interested…I am kidding:) I am really thankful and don’t have words to give thanks to the Lord for Randy and Callie and the rest of the PI team.

Oliver Bulijat, trainor in Croatia

PI, for us, has been our partner for the last 7 years. It’s amazing. When we moved to peru, to the amazons we start with PI. It has been such a blessing for us.

Belly Gil, Colombian missionaries to Peru

For the last 7 years working in the amazon we can feel God caring for us as missionaries on the field through PI, our friends. They posture us and they take good care of us in the ministry. So we feel nourished and they have been our friends. We are not alone because God sent PI as our friends along the way in this ministry. So, thank you.

Nehun Gill, Colombian missionary to Peru

Prepare International really help us with church planting and leadership training and things like that. We start back in ‘99 the churches in Czech with an organization from Britain. But this organization then finished the project here and we’ve been almost like alone here. But Prepare International stepped in…and I can’t really say what this partnership means in the last 20 years; how much they help and…the thing is, they are here, they are present, the encouragement, and phone calls, and emails.

Stanislav Bubik, Pastor in Czech

So, Prepare International, for us it means what the Bible talks about the new wine, into the new wine skin. That has been for us, our journey. We know PI for many years and it has been an amazing journey. Mentors, friends and family that help us to process a lot of things. And we are who we are as a ministry thanks to Prepare International and our friends from PI.

Tony & Rosella Del Rio, YWAM base leaders in Liberia, Costa Rica

Carine Cloete is one of our South Africa PI School students who has been radically impacted by the Kingdom of God course so much that she has started discipleship groups. These groups have been meeting three times a week for Bible study using the Kingdom of God course material. This has inspired other students as well. It’s a Kingdom movement!!!

Gary Makamba, Trainor in South Africa