Start a disciple making culture in your church or company


Prepare International has been working with international partners in many nations. When we use the word ‘partner’, we really mean friend. These national leaders are men and women that carry a Kingdom vision for their nations and we have had the privilege to help them see their vision come to reality. Over the years we have become good friends, seeking ways to help each other fulfill the assignments the Lord has given.

Partnership with PI does not require organizational membership or any other conforming criterion. We seek God-ordained relationships and look for opportunities to help the men and women God has strategically placed around the world fulfill the revealed will of God there. We work with leaders from many different denominational backgrounds and many from no spiritual background at all.

We work in four ways globally


PI helps to open and lead regional ministry training schools with our national partners to equip the emerging generations of frontline workers. (Please read more about our schools below.)


We mentor existing leaders both in the church and non-church world for maximum impact. We spend countless hours in homes around dining tables and in many other daily life settings talking about applying Jesus and His ways to our lives, marriages, children, the church, and the world.

Activate Kingdom Advancement

In many regions we serve, there are very few churches, and often where churches do exist, there is a need to plant new, living, thriving works for Christ! We constantly encourage our partners and students to initiate new works to advance the Kingdom of God. We desire to spark new waves of church planting, fanning the flames in hearts, and then assisting in practical ways as local leaders step out. Additionally, we encourage entrepreneurs to build Kingdom businesses and challenge educators to start schools. We believe we are going to see movements emerge that will change the fabric of the world’s cultures.


PI leads a prayer network of over 200 who prays weekly for revival in the nations. We also send out prayer teams on prayer journeys to see breakthrough within the nations we serve.

We know training

In partnership with international Christian leaders, we help develop various kinds of training environments in which students can have life-changing experiences touching the head (with biblical truth), the heart (by encountering God) and the hands (through developing ministry skills). The end result: see 10,000 lovers of Jesus arise who labor in their lands and lead in every facet of society so that the lost can be saved, life-giving churches will emerge, and other forms of Kingdom entities will be launched to the glory of the Son of God.

Prepare International