Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

Disciple-Making Made Practical and Effective

We provide churches with practical tools that multiply leaders and foster Kingdom advancement. We believe discipleship is the foundation of growing the Kingdom, and we offer resources for churches and small groups.

Discipleship Material

Training School

Leadership Training

Advancing the Kingdom by Multiplying Leaders

Over the past twenty years, we have developed practical materials that help believers, leaders, and pastors grow in their relationship with Jesus, understand and enter His Kingdom, and walk in the Kingdom identity Jesus paid for on the cross. When people see the Kingdom, enter the Kingdom, and begin to walk in the Kingdom, their lives, and your church, will never be the same.

Prepare International

Online Discipleship Materials that Activates Kingdom living

Trainer Materials

We provide trainer materials to help teachers as they lead groups through our training and discipleship courses.

Student Materials

Students receive materials with each course to help them dive deeper into the transforming their relationship with God and give them practical spiritual activation.

Course Videos

Each of our course lessons are paired with teaching videos that effectively communicate our discipleship material. These videos can be watched individually and discussed in groups or can be watched in large settings.  

Church Testimonies

PI has been developing and implementing strategic discipleship training across the globe for over 20 years. We have worked with over 100 churches or ministries on 5 continents and help raise over 1000+ leaders. Jesus has provided a powerful example of how to train and empower individuals to effectively share the message of His Kingdom and see His power in action.



Pastor (Czech)

Prepare International really helped us with church planting and leadership training. I can’t really say what this partnership means in the last 20 years.


Tony & Rosella

YWAM base leaders in Liberia, Costa Rica

Mentors, friends and family that help us to process a lot of things. And we are who we are as a ministry thanks to Prepare International and our friends from PI.

Practical Resources to Equip the Global Church

Start a Training School

Partner with PI to launch a ministry school in your community. You will get instruction from our ministry school directors, step-by-step course materials for trainers and students, plus access to our 20+ years of experience.

Equip Your Leaders

Are you ready to invest in your church staff? Equip your leaders with Kingdom identity so they are prepped and ready to disciple in their sphere of influence. 

Disciple Your Church

Our course materials are perfect for small to large group settings. You can use our materials in classes, discipleship groups, one-on-one, or larger church settings.

How it works

Three simple steps to experience transformation and growth


Connect with Us

All great Kingdom activity begins with relationships. We would love to hear your vision and discover how we can work together.


Get a discipleship plan

Together we can customized a training plan that will fit your vision and where your team or church are currently so we can see the Kingdom advance.


Transformation in Life and Ministry

You will see people step into their God given authority as you implement our discipleship materials in your community. Watch the world around you transform into Kingdom reality.

Who is Prepare International?

Prepare International works through the philosophy of partnership. We seek deep and lasting partnerships with churches, businesses, and individuals that have a vision for reaching the lost, training current and emerging leaders, planting churches, and growing in their personal walk. Our heart is to help these local leaders reach their goals and vision the Lord has given them. A team is created between the PI staff and these local leaders to set goals, develop the ministry plans, and begin the work. We truly become partners for the long-term success of His work in the land.

Prepare International