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December 12, 2017

Bringing the Waves of Hawaii Home to the Desert of Texas for 2017!

Kauai met Randy and me with 18-23 foot waves on the North Shore.  These waves boasted of unrelenting crashing of ominous power, beauty, and deafening rolls of thunder.  We learned to heed the local’s wisdom that ‘knew’ the ocean and its’ giant hands of the  plummeting anything in their grasp to the ocean bottom.  They were marvelously amazing and I wondered what God was saying to us through His creation.

On one beach, as Randy body surfed in the sea foam, a mere aftermath of the waves but more forceful than any waves we had ever encountered, a stealthy wave reached beyond the wet sand to me and our belongings. I rescued our phones by holding them above the water as i tossed and rolled all over the beach.  That sneaky wave was taking our belongings: towels, shoes, umbrella, clothes, beach bag, to vanish into the sea.  Regaining my composure, I threw the phones to the grass, screamed for Randy (who could not hear me above the thundering waves), and started a shuttle relay of redeeming our things.  A young girl joined my team and together we were victorious!

Later, Randy and I analyzed the prowess of 3 local pre-teen boys.  They’d watch for the right wave, fearlessly attack it, vanish into the blue, only to re-appear unscathed, ready for more, laughing louder than the waves’ thunder.  We discerned as they disappeared to re-appear, they’d ‘roll’ with the waves.  We would have been killed!

In my heart I am bringing home the waves of Hawaii.  In 2017 what He has whispered in secret will thunder in like the rolling waves.  I must heed the wisdom of the locals (those that have gone before), handle the reality of the promises with respect, enjoy the thrill, fearlessly attack His wave and learn to roll with His wave!  Promises mishandled can prove destructive.  But when I ‘know’ The Source of the wave I ride, it only serves to drive me to Him and give me the adventure of a lifetime!

The waves are in the desert, because GOD IS THUNDERING IN THE DESERT!

Originally posted January 1st, 2017