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April 1, 2022

Carriers of Hope

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What a time to live in! Our world has been plagued with crisis. Covid-19 has crippled, grounded, halted, and thwarted many of our lives but especially our friends’ lives, ministries and families around the world. A few weeks ago, Russia invaded Ukraine and thousands have lost their lives with millions being displaced from homes and nation. Crisis on a grand scale, but . . . Jesus! The gospel of this Kingdom stands true and it reads like this: The Son of Man sits on the throne of our world and laughs at crisis and calamity because He IS the Lord of Hope! (Psalm 2:4)
Make no mistake about it: Prepare International has one central mandate – Prepare Men and Women for Me was the message given Callie and I almost 20 years ago, which launched this global training effort raising up leaders and laborers in around 25 nations. But today, we find ourselves strategically placed by Jesus to be Carriers of Hope in this time of war! The world needs hope. Our brothers and sisters of Ukraine need hope.  Jesus is the Lord of Hope, and we have been given the gift of carrying His hope to Ukrainians fleeing the devastations of war and to our friends who have chosen to stay and serve.
Our spiritual family at KDM Krakow led by Zibi and Magda Marzec with the help of our children, Josiah and Brandi Boyd, are becoming a lifeline and haven for desperate Ukrainians. Zibi and Josiah with the help of many others have secured a beautiful 250 bed facility for Ukrainians seeking exile and safety and are organizing transportation, care, supplies, and many others things needed in these dire times The battle for Hope has just begun, but what a privilege to be linked and supporting the frontline efforts of Josiah, Zibi, Magda, Brandi and our friends at KDM. The the task is in the early stages and we have seen around $150,000 come in for this work in the last few days. Soon, a tidal wave of humanity will cross the border into Poland, and then these Carriers of Hope will be put to the test, but I have no doubt that by His grace, hope will win over tyranny, and Jesus will be glorified.
Pray for Josiah, Brandi, Zibi, Magda and our family at KDM. Pray for our friend still within Ukraine and those that have escaped. Pray that the God of Hope will win the day and that tyranny and despair will be silenced by the sound of the Carriers of Hope!      

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