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One of the fresh perspectives we have recently discovered is who the real heroes are in the plot of this story that Prepare International is enmeshed in?  It seems that the Lord Jesus is working through us to pioneer many works around the world, cultivate and nourish new spiritual leaders, and then break down barriers among peoples, nations, races, and even genders.  Wow.  Sounds amazing, and it’s true.  As we are caught up amid this work, we could be tempted to think that WE are the heroes of this saga.

Recently in a meeting with some of our friends here at Betenbough Companies, they reminded us that the real heroes in this grand tale are the unknown, unsung, hidden faces we work with around the world.  THEY are the Frontline Pioneers and Shepherds of God’s great work abroad.  THEY are the ones who are the instruments in His hand.  THEY are God’s Hidden Heroes, and it is an honor to be their friends and co-workers in His nations!

Christian and Mieke Vermeire – he and his wife graduated from a Belgian school years ago, and now Christian has helped found and helps lead a disciple-making movement of young men – Hero!

Tony and Rosela Delrio – a young couple in Costa Rica who have founded a powerful YWAM base and three PI Schools.  They are pioneers for Jesus in their land and a fantastic witness of Jesus Christ – Heroes!

Gary and Yvette Makamba – a young couple who by absolute faith came from Zimbabwe to South Africa and pioneered 8-10 churches and helped lead our first PI school there.  Heroes!

And the list goes on and on and on.  THEY are the ones.  THEY are His hands, His feet, and His face to the generations.  They deserve honor, applause, and acclaim!  But above all the real hero in this saga is Jesus.  What a King He is.  He can take a ragtag band of nobodies from nowhere and put them in His Hand and amaze.  Jesus – the Ultimate Hero of the epic tale called the Kingdom of God.  Bravo!   


That’s why we chose our method – equipping, mentoring, and fathering and mothering a generation of laborers in the nations of the earth. This simple method seeks to join Jesus in the second command, “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers!” Our ambition is to cultivate 1000s of Love filled Laborers who will become Leaders of 10s, 50s, 100s, and 1000s so that Life-giving expressions of Christ-filled community will be born, and the Lost might be saved as darkness is defeated!

Our team has traveled, served, given, loved, and sacrificed much this year. Callie and I are so proud of them and grateful they’ve joined us in this monumental task. Personally, we just returned from about a month overseas touching five nations while finishing our journey in Poland and Israel. In Poland, we convened about 60 leaders from nine nations to join us for three days of turning our attention to God’s heart for seeing His Jewish children come into His Kingdom and seeing Jerusalem become a praise on the earth again. It was tremendous as David McQueen, Michael Onifer, and Josiah Boyd taught us! Our hearts were caught up into the Father’s deep desire for His remnant people.

From there, we took 32 leaders and friends to Israel for a week, discovering the Land, reliving the Bible, and gaining His heart for His Jewish sons and daughters and the place that He has chosen to put His name. It was a tremendous adventure. We will never be the same. Deeper disciples of Jesus were born!

Through it all, He’s revealed this fundamental Kingdom principle: true ministry never begins with preaching, teaching, or counseling. It begins with knowing the Father’s heart. Knowing the Father’s heart leads to knowing the Father’s business, and knowing the Father’s business leads to living and ministering from the Father’s presence! This is how the Kingdom comes.

This is how laborers are formed. This is how the harvest is gathered!

I pray each of you discover our Father’s heart in a new way. I pray that He will lead you on to His business and not just your own. Above all, dawns the greatest treasure of all – His presence. This thing has always been about His presence filling the hearts of people and the world of men! Thank you for your part in this adventure.

– Randy Boyd

Kingdom Mentality

One of the beautiful aspects of seeing the Kingdom of God takes hold of someone is watching how it changes a person’s thinking.  It doesn’t matter what culture you are from; your mentality is the key to your destiny.  How you understand the world around you, how you view God, how you define yourself and how you interpret your circumstances; the Kingdom of God is a mentality.  It is THE mentality.  It is the answer to every culture’s deficit.  It is the answer to poverty thinking, it is the answer to traditional thinking, it is the answer to greed, it is the answer to mediocrity – it is the answer!

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A Divine Strategy by Randy Boyd

Our work began about 20 years ago as I traveled throughout the Czech Republic and Poland working in small church planting projects, equipping young leaders to build and multiply small groups within their local churches. In those early trips, two significant things occurred – 1) a portion of the Lord Jesus’ heart for Europe was injected into my veins creating the burden needed to start PI and 2) a simple strategy arose . . . find, equip, and hold up the arms of indigenous leaders to bear much fruit within their own lands! This is the heart and soul of Prepare International!

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September Blitz 2018 – Tommy Hood

Because we have young children, rarely do Lindsay and I get a chance to travel together. So in September, I had the privilege of traveling to Central Europe with my wife. Our first weekend in Gdansk, Poland, a beautiful city along the Baltic Sea, was filled with hungry leaders intentionally advancing the Kingdom of God in a nation with under 2% Evangelical Christians.  

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In The Heart of the Refugee Crisis

You know there are many things I love about PI, but I think each trip I take I cherish the stories of how God is using PI students to reach the forgotten places of the world. Let me paint a picture for you of Sarah’s* journey.

Political unrest and severe drought have combined to create a dire situation for millions needing work in Africa. Currently, there is a mass exodus of people heading to Vredendal, South Africa, with the hope of finding work so they can send financial support back to their starving families. Sarah is a young, 18-year-old girl desperate to feed her 1-year-old son. She makes the painful decision to leave her baby with family in Zimbabwe to travel roughly 1,200 miles to find employment.

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Letters of Love

There are those people who cross your path and leave you changed forever. They can pass for a moment or for a season, but the impact is the same. Last year, I met a young girl who left an impression. Someone who would leave a God-print on my heart. And with great anticipation, I looked forward to reuniting with her as our PI team traveled to the Czech Republic to assist several of PI’s partners by leading a creative camp for youth.

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Sabbath Comes

I know you’ve heard this before but I stand amazed at what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing with this tiny group of individuals known as Prepare International around His world.  What a Jesus! What grace to take broken, immature people and do wonderful things!  What power to use the weak to reveal great strength!

We’ve never been in such a powerful position as we are now:

The team is at an all-time high with great new additions this year

Our office area has recently been upgraded tremendously

Our teaching team around the world has grown rapidly and are being so fruitful

Our footprint in 24 nations is growing and the doors are open like never before

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Playing Around with PrayGround

It was much fun and an honor to write Playing Around with PrayGround. I wrote for both parents and children’s ministers. In Matthew, Jesus gets very upset with His disciples for setting up obstacles that the children could not readily come to Him. He instructed them (us) to not only make the way clear but to strongly encourage the children to come to Him. The scripture says that He rebuked the disciples and called the children to Himself and ‘laid’ His hands on them to ‘bless’ them.

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Belgium and Romania

Belgium: What a wonderful experience getting to know Ministry Partners Conely and Madaline Annandale’s hearts for Belgium as well as their dedication to Christ! Their great relationships with the people created an eagerness and hunger for the PI training on Faith. While in the region I had the opportunity to preach in a church for another couple in Belgium.

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