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September 28, 2018

Divine Appointments in Kenya

My daughter Aspyn and I went to Kenya August 18th – September 1st. I can honestly say it was amazing in many ways. First, it was our first trip to Kenya. Next, it was great to spend time with Aspyn in Africa. Then there were the people, the students in the Prepare International classes, the families, and the culture. We stayed in two main areas while we were in Kenya, Mombasa (southern Coast) and Nairobi (the Capital).  Discussion at both cities buzzed around the themes of church organization and leadership and the importance of raising up leaders to share in the ministry of the church. I was amazed at the hunger for God’s principles and their interest in discipleship/mentorship.


Mombasa is a massive city with a rich culture. While there, I taught ‘Pastoring a Local Church’ in three different communities. Most of these students were pastors of local churches, but we also had some lay-leaders as well. The students there were very focused on Church Leadership structures and excited about redeveloping current models within their churches.

Aspyn and I had some quality time hanging out at the beach near our hotel. The culture and food were so unique and amazing to experience. It was a relief for us both to locate a Java House Coffee Shop (we Americans NEED our caffeine fix!).

It was amazing to have time with our incredible hosts, Songok and Ester, and learn what the Lord is doing in their region. I look forward to my trip back to Kenya next year with great anticipation of what all the Lord is doing through them.


Nairobi is located at a much higher elevation, so we West Texans enjoyed a reprieve from our 90+ degree weather. I was pleasantly surprised to find the countryside covered with miles and miles of tea farms. The school in Nairobi was much larger with about 40 students ranging from Pastors, leadership, and members from all around that area. To hear their struggles and pray with them while encouraging them through training was an honor for both Aspyn as well as myself.

While in Nairobi, there were two men the Lord put in our path. It was wonderful to hear their stories about life and ministry. There was a young man who runs the place we stayed while also running a non-profit. The other was our driver, Emanuel, who we found out is a church planter. The Lord is moving powerfully in Kenya, and it was our honor to encourage and pour into these men while we were there.

– Derek Osburn