Start a disciple making culture in your church or company

December 22, 2022

Dream Big. Build Small. Stay Simple.

God at Work

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of being with some of the greatest ministers and large ministries we’ve heard of around the world. It has been a miraculous dream. It is staggering as they’ve shared all that the Father has and is doing through them. God works through the big, the bold, and the prominent. This has had a very strange effect on me as I’ve reflected on these giants of the faith and their ministry. I long for us a simpler path. I find myself longing for our team to:

  • dream bigger than we ever have;
  • build smaller than others might think wise;
  • simplify everything to the lowest possible measure; and,
  • remain hidden, serving the frontline shepherds of this world.

Dream Big

Dreaming big is the language of the Holy Spirit. He longs to capture us into God’s designs and plans for His world. For years, we have said that Prepare International is a leadership training and development ministry, but that is no longer true. We were born, called, and set in place to be the birthplace of 100s of disciple-making movements in the remote places of the earth. We will raise up 10,000 master-disciple makers who follow the Son of God in such a way that they will be intensely fruitful. They will multiply 1,000,000 disciples of Jesus who love, believe, and follow the Son. 1,000s of life-giving, Christ-manifesting churches will be born. We are the birthplace of movements in Jesus!

Build Small

Building small and keeping it simple is the only way forward for our family at PI. We don’t seek to be big but terribly fruitful. With the increase of size comes the onset of complexity, and complexity must be served. Complexity takes time, mental and emotional energy, and other resources we must reserve for people. 

Dream to Build Big People

Recently, a great leader said, “I don’t want to build a big ministry, I only want to build big people.” Oh, if we could just help Gary in the Southern Cape of South Africa build “big people.” If we could only help Madelaine and others in Belgium develop “big people.” If across Europe, Asia, Africa, and our Spanish-speaking families of Latin America, we could only help to build “big people!” Never forget YOU are our partners. This is a team effort. Some are called to go while others are called to send with all living in the same great dream of Jesus. The dream that the kingdoms of this world would become the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign forever. Thank you for your faithfulness in generous, sacrificial giving and committed prayer. Together, we will bear much fruit in 2023!