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December 20, 2016

Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Randy and I lead Prepare International, a mission organization that now serves in 20 nations.  But when people are around me they are amazed that God can work through such an ordinary person (or perhaps even viewed as sub-ordinary by some).  Yes, I am the person that laughed so hard I wet my pants at an elders’ meeting (and numerous other times), threw up in my new neighbors yard, rode a razor scooter down a hill flipping over it in front of all my neighbors – the list goes on.  One young man expressed my portrayal of Jesus like this: “I am so glad I got to know you, because now I realize that if God can use you, He really can use anyone.”

Actually, that is one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received.  I have realized that God is most glorified through our unveiled humanity.  I am a testimony of His Grace.  My goal is to be so transparent that the King of Glory who lives in me shines clearly to those around me.  I want to finish well and hear Him say, “Well done.”  If it’s possible, I want to stretch God.  I want to dream big, dare to risk, live always pushing the boundaries.  I want to make Him smile.  These all sound like noble goals but to live them out requires the big YES.  Several years back I told Jesus I was tired of giving portions of me to Him.  I drew a line on the floor and crossed over.  I have forever said YES to King Jesus.

In flesh and blood this is what it looks like:

  • I wanted to raise our three kids in one home, one place.  Randy, the kids and I have lived in 15 places – six of them in 27 months.  This happened during two of our kids’ teen years – a critical time of stability.  However, we found that God rewards those that follow Him, both in this life and in Heaven.
  • It meant raising our kids in such a Kingdom way that it ruined them for the world so that they often have felt alone.  BUT God has seen to it that they succeed in all they put their hands to, they walk in favor, their faith is dauntless, and the two older have married amazing people making our family seven.  Each of them are ‘successful at living life.’
  • It means Randy and I live with an open home, having people with us from everywhere – valuing the Kingdom over our privacy.
  • It means Randy traveling away from home many days a year.   This next year the plan is that I will travel frequently both with him and on my own.
  • It means believing God is good when all around looks not good.  I’ve discovered as we pray for miracles, it means that we have to be in situations that require a miracle.  God is not safe (predictable), but He is always GOOD!
  • It means being vulnerable to people that will probably reject my ‘un’-perfectness. Scary…

… BUT I would never trade my life of adventures and challenges for the predictable, easy path.  I want to always make God smile.  He has done so much in us and through us. God has taken us all over the world.  He has caused us to not want.  He has given us life long friends from many cultures.  AND the amazing thing is, I am still so ORDINARY — carrying Jesus — my EXTRA ordinary King in me and He changes everything.

Life is filled with ordinary days, and it is how we live our ordinary days that determine if we have great moments (Ann Kiemel Anderson).

I want my life to be one big great moment for my King and His Kingdom; ordinary person – yes – ordinary life – NEVER.

– Callie Boyd