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December 12, 2017

Step Out of the Traffic

Here I was in Kauai, Hawaii, one of the most peaceful places on earth and there was traffic in my soul.  I tried to disguise my unrest, but of course it surfaced in full force.  I was sharp with my words, easily frustrated, trying to control the events of the world and so on.  I was mostly frustrated with myself because I was ruining Randy and my get away.  I couldn’t seem to shake my pitiful attitude.  Why, God?  What’s wrong with me. 

Then God reminded me of one of my favorite verses in the Bible through this picture I took where Randy and I worked-out.  (Beautiful right?  I love this picture because I see steady undisturbed peace as Randy is walking and worshipping Jesus). The verse is Ps. 46:8-10 (v.9) . . . Step out of the traffic.  Take a long loving look at Me, your high God, above politics, above everything. . .

Traffic is frustrating, slow moving, noisy and cluttered.  My soul had gotten that way, more than I had realized!  What to do to clear it out?  I took a step out of the traffic, I literally saw my self step out of my emotions, my will, my soul.  Because in Ps. 46:8 it says, “Attention, all!  See the marvels of God.  He plants flower and trees all over the earth . . .”  When I allowed my soul to get congested with traffic I couldn’t see the marvels of God clear.  I was missing out on life with Him.  And I was hurting His feelings.

I stepped out of the traffic of my soul and looked and I saw and I tasted that the Lord He is Good! I saw the trees and flowers He plants all over the world and it dawned on me!  There are places on this island that no man has ventured or seen.  Yet God has planted flowers and trees there.  A butterfly who drinks nectar from the bright colorful flowers hidden away from human eyes may be the only one who shares in the beauty of these special places God has created.  But He does it!  Why, I wondered.  He loves beauty.  He loves to create.  But maybe He created the hidden beauty so that one day I would have this thought and with that thought a deep loving look into the heart of God and a realization that He is who He is whether anyone acknowledges Him or not and He is intricately involved in the smallest of details even providing a butterfly that no one knows about, a lovely gourmet meal in a gorgeous environment that no one sees.  God marvels my soul and my soul is at peace!

NOTE:  God was gracious and I was only a grump for one day!  Then He heard Randy’s prayers and got the traffic out of my soul by getting me out of the traffic!

Life with peace! I want to live with an un-congested (stepped out of traffic perspective) soul!

Originally posted November 15, 2016