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April 1, 2021

Certainty is a Sin

Certainty is a Sin

A few years back, Peter Enns published a remarkable book entitled, The Sin of Certainty. His big idea is that the Father never intended us to know everything and to have it all planned out perfectly, rather He has always wanted us to trust Him. It’s the sin of certainty.

I like to be certain; I have a NEED to be certain! I want things planned out (usually the PI gang has 200–300 stops in 20+ nations planned by last fall. Now ????), to know what we need to do, and to have a clear-cut path before us. Now – uncertain. We have entered the realm of trust. Not ‘safe feeling’ ground but definitely solid ground. Trust – trust – trust. It’s the thing that He desires of us! There is one thing I AM certain of, in the words of the Apostle Paul, “though I am in chains, the word of God is not bound!” Listen to a few reports from around the world from our friends:


Church for the City in Krakow is led by Zibi and Magda Marzec. They are experiencing a monumental breakthrough. They have gone to two services and are quickly heading for a third. He recently told me, “We didn’t make church meetings, we made disciples and disciples can’t be stopped!”

Northeast Asia

Our good friend’s church was closed for four to five months (utter uncertainty!), but the Kingdom never slowed. They traveled the nation sharing Christ and giving out tons of rice, other food, and blankets through winter. In the first service the church reopened a family was saved and in the second service they baptized eight!


Our good friend, Oliver, in central Croatia, is unhindered! When the pandemic restriction unfolded, he simply said, “Jesus is doing something new!” Their church went online and this small group of 100 began to reach thousands through the invisible airways. Again, Oliver said, the disciples of Jesus always find a way. Trust!

Our Homefront

We recently were asked to depart from our offices leaving PI homeless again. Callie and I had just purchased two acres and built a house. We have land for PI, yea! A new office is literally rising from the ground and a more permanent home base is coming soon. He knows all things, doesn’t He. Why can’t we just trust?

I want to thank all of you for your faithful support and generous giving toward this grand work. WE are not certain of but one thing, all of us together, trusting Him will shake this world for Jesus Christ!