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February 1, 2021

The Until

In The Until

Some days it feels like we are living
In the UNTIL

UNTIL things change
UNTIL this ends
UNTIL He returns

We were never meant to be
Really finite beings

If we are made for eternity
Won’t we always be
Waiting . . . UNTIL?

– by Kim Robles


PI found ourselves saying things like, “. . . when we can travel . . . when the Boyd’s house is finished . . . when we can really gather . . .”  Our thinking was so finite. We’re ETERNAL! We started living eternally the moment we asked the Eternal One to take residence and rule in our hearts. Our goal is that when we each change our address to Heaven we’ll hear Him say with a big smile, “Well done.”


I love the story of Jael in Judges 4 and 5. She was a homemaker in a tent in a desert with a husband that was friends with the enemy.The enemy’s army was slaughtered by Deborah and Barak. But Sisera slipped away to the tent of his friend and his wife, Jael. God took an ordinary woman with a heart for Him, and changed history. Her motherly knowledge of the calming of warm milk and a blanket put the enemy to sleep. Then she took the familiar, what was in her hand, a tent peg, driving it through the sleeping Sisera’s temple, killing him. Deborah and Barak arrived to see the enemy that had evaded the mighty armies of Israel dead at the hand of this ordinary woman. Deborah wrote a song marking all of history as the ‘times of Jael’!

Moving Forward

PI is going forward and seizing the day in the times we live! We are educating ourselves with technology, building a mostly solar powered studio and office, zooming. We’re positioning ourselves to be a Kingdom outpost of resources for our region, our nation, and the nations.  God’s going to use our simple submission to Him to mark history!

You’re a history maker! What is the ‘familiar’ in your hand. Don’t look at your ordinary-ness but rather gaze fully at the I AM. As we surrender ourselves, what we know, and possess to Him, all of History will be marked by you and by me. Let’s move from the UNTIL to the NOW. Let’s hear, “Well done!” We’re living fully!